Energy Bath MP3s are designed to help you change your energy and your life. In these recorded energy healing meditations, you are guided to relax deeply, access your subconscious patterns and literally re-write the programming that creates your reality. Working on a multidimensional level, you can access altered states of consciousness that can help you to shift your body, mind + spirit all at once. 

Each session is designed to activate and amplify a specific energy in your life. It's recommended to repeat the session every 3 days until you've solidly integrated the new energies into your consciousness and you can see the changes happening in your daily life. Some people see results immediately. Others take a few weeks. Trust your body, mind and spirit to process things in your own perfect timing.

The Energy Bath Workbook is also available to help you to chart your progress, as well as process your emotions and transform your limiting beliefs. In this workbook, you can explore life-changing questions that will allow you to dig deep within, release your inner blocks and barriers and help you to live the life you truly desire.

Releasing Baggage   $10  BUY NOW ON ETSY
helps you with Letting Go of your Emotional Baggage, allowing Forgiveness Flow and Moving Forward with your Life.

Divine Guidance   $10  BUY NOW ON ETSY
helps you Access your Inner Knowing and Learn How to Allow it to Guide you to your Highest and Greatest Good

Accessing the Power of Love   $10  BUY NOW ON ETSY
helps you Align with the vibrations of love that flow through the entire planet, helping you to experience it's incredible manifesting power

Garden of the Heart   $10  BUY NOW ON ETSY
helps you Bring Healing to the Heart, Allow Forgiveness to Flow, Open to yourself to receiving New Love or Improve your Current relationship

Light Your Fire   $10  BUY NOW ON ETSY
helps you to Increase your Physical Energy/Strength/Stamina, Transmutes Addiction + Negative or Self-destructive Impulses

Overcoming Addictions   $10  BUY NOW ON ETSY
helps you to Face the parts of your subconscious that create unhealthy patterns in your life and transform them into vibrant life-giving energies

Your Prosperity Parts   $10  BUY NOW ON ETSY
helps you Connect to all aspects of yourself that can help you create more prosperity and abundance in your life

Calling in Your Angels   $10  BUY NOW ON ETSY
helps you call in your Guardian Angels and Spirit Guides and ask for Their assistance in your Life

Just Trust   $10  BUY NOW ON ETSY
helps you Relax, Let go of  your Worries and Trust the Divine Plan is at work in your life

Accessing Ancestral Wisdom   $10  BUY NOW ON ETSY
helps you access the wisdom and healing of your ancestors and all those in your bloodline or family lineage

Clarity, Guidance + Direction   $10  BUY NOW ON ETSY
helps you Raise your Conscious Awareness in order to face life's challenges and become more clear in making decisions

Reading Your Soul Records   $10  BUY NOW ON ETSY
helps you Align you with information about your soul's evolution and growth, helping you to understand your life path and lessons

Empower Your Passion + Purpose   $10  BUY NOW ON ETSY
helps you Reveal your soul's purpose and ignite your passion to achieve it

Time to Fly   $10  BUY NOW ON ETSY
helps to Release your Fears + Trust Your Inner Wisdom, perfect for Anyone launching a New Business, Project or Career

Reclaiming Your Truth   $10  BUY NOW ON ETSY
helps you connect with the Infinite Truth of the Universe, Make Sense of your Life Lessons and understand your place in the Divine Plan

Trusting Your Instincts   $10  BUY NOW ON ETSY
help to heighten your awareness, access your intuition and learn to really trust your instincts

Relaxing in the Stream of Life   $10  BUY NOW ON ETSY
helps to Remove blockages to your life force, allowing you to relax and just "go with the flow"

Getting Your Wings   $10  BUY NOW ON ETSY
helps you Take a Journey to reclaim your spiritual gifts, release your regrets, get your Angel Wings and Fly

Consciousness Reconstruction   $10  BUY NOW ON ETSY
helps you restructure your consciousness to be in alignment with your dreams and goals

Connecting with Your Spirit Animal   $10  BUY NOW ON ETSY
helps you Connect with your Spirit Animal and the power that it brings, allowing you to harness the gifts that you carry in the lower realms of your consciousness

Drumming Up Your Power   $10  BUY NOW ON ETSY
helps you Align you with the powerful life force energies that will help you change the reality you are living

Turn on Your Heart Light   $10  BUY NOW ON ETSY
helps you Open the energies of Love and Light in your life, allowing you to become more deeply aware of your power, passion and purpose

The Infinite Truth   $10  BUY NOW ON ETSY
helps you to Remember your Connection to the Universe and to Access the Infinite Power available to you through it

Hands of Light   $10  BUY NOW ON ETSY
helps you Access the Healing Power that moves through you and Helps you use it to Heal yourself, others + the world around you

Guardian Angel Gifts   $10  BUY NOW ON ETSY
help you Connect with your Guardian Angels + Spirit Guides, Anchoring the Light deeply into your consciousness, allowing you to receive a Gift to help you in your life's journey