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Our mission is to help bring people together and to share the resources needed to heal in body, mind and spirit. We've created several ways for you to connect with others on a healing journey. By working together or by sharing experiences with each other, we can achieve higher levels of health, happiness and wholeness in every area of life.  Please join us in whatever ways work best for you. There's no sales pressure or hidden agenda, just opportunities to facilitate healing for you, for each other and for the world. 

To get started, you can sign up for any of the membership groups listed below:

blog member   FREE 
Our blog is a constantly expanding and evolving Resource of Healing Tips, Tools + Techniques, as well as FREE Gifts like Guided Meditations, Energy Healing Sessions, Special Offers + Discounts and more. To access it, you can

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If you enjoy energy healing and channeled spirit messages, then you'll love this group! We've got several different healers and readers who offer their services at various times and days free of charge, just to help you on your journey. All you need to do is

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If you'd like to meet up with other like-minded people by Phone, Online or In-person, then you'll love this group! We offer a wide variety of body-mind-spirit events and even have space for you to offer your own. You can

weekly healing member  $65/mo
Weekly Energy Baths are a great way to access your higher vibrational frequencies, release your inner blocks and barriers and maximize your personal healing process. You can attend these live energy clearings with Deborah Lighthart every Thursday at 7pm CDT by phone or online. This membership includes:
  • Live Weekly Energy Baths by Phone or Online  (RETAIL VALUE: $80/mo)
  • Unlimited Email Support with Deborah Lighthart   (RETAIL VALUE: Priceless!)
  • The Personal Transformation Workbook

program member   $495 per program
If you join any one of the following recorded audio program memberships (The Intuitive Awakening Series, The Chakra Series, The Prosperity Program, The Higher Consciousness Collection or The Personal Transformation Toolkit), you'll receive:
  • 12-13 Recorded Sessions in Each Program   (RETAIL VALUE: $240)   
  • 12 Weekly Live Group Sessions by Phone/Online   (RETAIL VALUE: $240)
  • 3 Monthly Private Sessions by Phone/Online   (RETAIL VALUE: $300)
  • Unlimited Email Support with Deborah Lighthart   (RETAIL VALUE: Priceless!)
  • The Personal Transformation Workbook

Program Options

library member   $1995
This membership includes all recorded programs and Energy Bath mp3s. It is packed with audio classes + energy bath healing sessions by Deborah Lighthart designed to help you Change your Energy and Your Life. This membership includes:
provider member   by donation
If you'd like to share your services in OUR CO-OP, your content on OUR BLOG, your energy healing or spirit messaging with our FACEBOOK GROUP or your upcoming events in our MEETUP, please contact our community organizer,