As you work with an Energy Bath Healing Program (or any other spiritual development system), your body, emotions, mind, spirit + life circumstances will be changing. Taking good care of yourself on every level  becomes even more important than usual. Rapid energetic shifts can sometimes cause "side effects," like physical or emotional detoxing/cleansing. Here are some helpful tips to minimize discomfort and maximize results:
  • Keep a journal to chart your progress. When you are changing your life, it is sometimes hard to see how far you've come. If you keep a daily log of your breakthroughs (and setbacks), you will be able to navigate so much more easily.
  • If your body feels fidgety, or your muscles twitch, it is a sign that you are releasing blocked energy. Do what you can to relax and stretch, knowing that you are facilitating your transformation.
  • You may experience loose bowels or frequent urination. It's another sign of healing. Give your body time to let go of the baggage it has been carrying.
  • Drink plenty of water. More than you usually do. It flushes the toxins from your system.
  • Get lots of fresh air. Oxygen nourishes the blood and brain and will facilitate your re-programming process.
  • Practice some form of stretching or exercise like yoga, pilates, etc. Your muscles carry memories. Exercising them releases the ones you don't want playing out in your life anymore.
  • Eat light, nourishing foods and consider a good vitamin/mineral supplement. Give your body what it needs to build new cells and it will help you build a new life. 
  • Sleep is a powerful time for regeneration/reprogramming. Try to sleep as needed. Allow yourself naps, or an extra hour or two of sleep at night. You will progress so much more quickly.
  • True Feeling = True Healing. Get real with your emotions. If you need to cry, cry. If you need to scream, find a safe space to let it out. Suppressing emotion will suppress your transformation.
  • Be gentle with yourself and allow yourself to change naturally. Know that you were born to shine and as you release these energy blocks, you WILL shine more + more every day.
  • Love yourself. Love others. Love Life. Unconditional love is the most powerful healing tool in the Universe. Use it as much as possible.
  • Practice gratitude. Be thankful for all of your life experiences (even the painful/challenging ones) and all the ways they have helped you grow. Know that you are creating a new life now, just the way you want it.
  • There is a powerful synergy that comes from working together. The energy of each participant lends to the healing process of everyone else in the group. Even if you are listening to the audios alone, you are still experiencing the group healing energy because you are tapping into the time + space when it was recorded.
  • Energy Baths often take people into an altered state of consciousness, so it is recommended that you do them at a time when you can be fully relaxed, like just before bedtime. Some people will feel tingling or warmth, some will feel sleepy or drowsy and others may be energized or invigorated. Whatever you experience is perfect for you, so just trust your process. 
Here are some frequently asked questions from people using the Energy Bath Personal Healing Program:
"How many sessions will I need before I see change in my life?"
That's different for everyone. You should begin to feel better with one session, but in order to create major life change, it will take dedication to the process. 

"Do I have to do it every day for it to work?"
You don't have to do it every day, but just like when you skip your physical fitness workout, you can lose a little ground. You will get maximum results from doing a clearing at least 2-3 times/week.

"When is best time of day to listen to them?..if listening while getting to bed will it energize?"
Most people find them very relaxing and like to listen just before bed. But some people do get energized from them and need to listen during the day. Honestly, I think you may need to try one at bedtime and see how it feels for you. Everyone's system responds differently. In fact, every session can affect you differently because they all work on different areas of the consciousness.

"I still have a question on how my body is during the tapes. My restless leg really starts going and I seem to lose concentration. I jerk, twitch and end up in a fetal position. Then I calm down a bit then it starts over again. Am I getting the full benefit of the tapes with all that going on?"
The restlessness is a sign that the energy is clearing on a physical level. Yes, you are definitely getting the full benefit if your body is responding so strongly. If it's uncomfortable for you, you can try yoga, gentle stretches, soaking in a salt bath and drinking more water. That will help your body adjust.

"What if I fall asleep?"
That is very normal when we do deep energy work. Sometimes the conscious mind needs to completely relax in order to be re-programmed. Don't fight the sleep if it comes to you, just relax and trust that your body/mind/spirit are doing exactly what they need to do to facilitate your healing and intentions.

"my focus kept wandering when I listened to the call.  That not something I have experienced very much with any of your energy baths.  I was moved to focus on feelings I had with a work trip with a coworker.... What is that about?"
Whenever you begin to clear your mind, body and spirit, it's natural for any unresolved issues to want step into the forefront of your mind in order to be resolved. Allow yourself to use the session to process whatever it is that is on your mind that day, and then try the session again the next day, so that you can focus on the next step.

"What if I get restless or uncomfortable during the session?"
The physical body often has a resistance to change. Muscles sometimes twitch as they release negative energy. Unpleasant emotions can come to the surface. If you feel uncomfortable, try stretching or changing positions to help your body relax. Or sniff some some soothing essential oils. Know that your body is getting healing, even if it is feeling wiggly.

"How can you claim to change everything about a person's life with the same program?"
To make this simple, think of everything in life as either light or dark. All positive things (like joy, peace, prosperity, etc), they are all light. All negative things (like challenge, difficulties, setbacks, etc), they are all dark. All I am doing is helping you to release the dark and shine the Light, so the same techniques can work for anyone trying to open any Light in their life. Over the years, I've developed several different programs, focusing in more details on different topics, so this question is not as relevant anymore. 

"How do you do it, Deborah? How do you heal all of these people at once?"
That's simple, I don't. I may use the word "healer," but really I am more like the conductor of an energy orchestra. I call on the Guardian Angels, Spirit Guides + Great Spirit/Source energy to play Their part, and then I share tools to help you play yours. While I may be the one to guide the group, each person does their own healing/releasing. My role is to give you what you need to clear away all that is not in alignment with your highest good.

"What if I don't believe in Angels or Spirit Guides? or God? Will this still work for me?"
Absolutely. No matter what your belief system, we are all made up of energy. This process is meant to help you harness your own energy and learn to direct it in ways that help you achieve your dreams. If I make a reference to Angels or Source that is uncomfortable for you, just ignore that part and focus on the energy shifts that are taking place.

"So far I haven't been able to stay conscious. I must be clearing some deep stuff. I wake up right when you are about to sign off..."
Yes, that is exactly what is happening. Every body processes in it's own way. Some people need to shut down a little more than others to help get the conscious mind completely out of the way for the clearing.

"my boyfriend... is freaked out about money --constantly complaining about not having enough. so not sure if I am picking up his financial distress"
Absolutely! Our energies are deeply intertwined with those we love, especially anyone that we are physically intimate with. If your partner has money issues and is not willing to change them, it's best to do a cord cutting/releasing for all energy ties related to prosperity and abundance.

"I felt great during the energy healing session last night, but I woke up feeling achy and a little uncomfortable this morning. Why is that?"
When you are awakening to your higher consciousness, sometimes, you'll experience "growing pains" as you run new energy through your body's old circuitry. It's a lot like running a higher electrical voltage through an outdated system. If you follow the helpful tips, you should be able to help your body adjust to the new energies more quickly and easily.