Here are some frequently asked questions from people using the Energy Bath Personal Healing Program:

"How many sessions will I need before I see change in my life?"
That's different for everyone. You should begin to feel better with one session, but in order to create major life change, it will take dedication to the process. 

"Do I have to do it every day for it to work?"
You don't have to do it every day, but just like when you skip your physical fitness workout, you can lose a little ground. You will get maximum results from doing a clearing at least 2-3 times/week.

"What if I fall asleep?"
That is very normal when we do deep energy work. Sometimes the conscious mind needs to completely relax in order to be re-programmed. Don't fight the sleep if it comes to you, just relax and trust that your body/mind/spirit are doing exactly what they need to do to facilitate your healing and intentions.

"What if I get restless or uncomfortable during the session?"
The physical body often has a resistance to change. Muscles sometimes twitch as they release negative energy. Unpleasant emotions can come to the surface. If you feel uncomfortable, try stretching or changing positions to help your body relax. Or sniff some some soothing essential oils. Know that your body is getting healing, even if it is feeling wiggly.

"How can you claim to change everything about a person's life with the same program?"
To make this simple, think of everything in life as either light or dark. All positive things (like joy, peace, prosperity, etc), they are all light. All negative things (like challenge, difficulties, setbacks, etc), they are all dark. All I am doing is helping you to release the dark and shine the Light, so the same techniques can work for anyone trying to open any Light in their life.

"How do you do it, Deborah? How do you heal all of these people at once?"
That's simple, I don't. I may use the word "healer," but really I am more like the conductor of an energy orchestra. I call on the Guardian Angels, Spirit Guides + Great Spirit/Source energy to play Their part, and then I share tools to help you play yours. While I may be the one to guide the group, each person does their own healing/releasing. My role is to give you what you need to clear away all that is not in alignment with your highest good.

"What if I don't believe in Angels or Spirit Guides? or God? Will this still work for me?"
Absolutely. No matter what your belief system, we are all made up of energy. This process is meant to help you harness your own energy and learn to direct it in ways that help you achieve your dreams. If I make a reference to Angels or Source that is uncomfortable for you, just ignore that part and focus on the energy shifts that are taking place.

"So far I haven't been able to stay conscious. I must be clearing some deep stuff. I wake up right when you are about to sign off..."
Yes, that is exactly what is happening. Every body processes in it's own way. Some people need to shut down a little more than others to help get the conscious mind completely out of the way for the clearing.

"I felt great during the energy healing session last night, but I woke up feeling achy and a little uncomfortable this morning. Why is that?"
When you are awakening to your higher consciousness, sometimes, you'll experience "growing pains" as you run new energy through your body's old circuitry. If you follow the suggestions in the HELPFUL TIPS section, you should be able to minimize any discomfort.