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 Are you looking to Feel Better?  Be Happier?  Manage Stress? Have more Energy? Connect to your Higher Power? or Make some Changes in your Life?
Try an Energy Bath!
Private + Group Energy Healing Sessions
in Person, Online or by Phone
Also Available: MP3s, Audio Programs + Retreats

What is an "Energy Bath"? 
It's a combination of Energy Healing, Guided Meditation, Spirit Messaging, Breathwork, Conscious Awareness Questions, Aromatherapy, Crystal Healing, Sacred Sound, Shamanic Journeying, Gentle Exercise, Mudras, Mantras + more. By bringing these tools and techniques together, we create a powerful process that you can use to  Change Your Energy and Your Life.

Energy Baths will help you to relax deeply, move into your subconscious and change the emotional, mental and energetic structures that create your reality. As you access altered states of consciousness, you release the old patterns and create new programming for your body, mind + spirit. Energy baths are a great way to  Maximize + Amplify your Personal Transformation Process.

Energy work is pretty magical, but you can't expect to change your entire life in just one session. New energy patterns take time and practice to hold in place. If you went to the gym, you wouldn't expect to lose 50lbs in just one workout, would you? Of course not. But with consistent practice, you'd see consistent changes. It's the same with energy healing. The more you do it, the better your results. Think of this as your new Metaphysical Fitness Routine.

We all have Guardian Angels watching over us, whether we are aware of them or not. Each session calls in your Spirit team and helps you to connect more deeply with them. Working with your Guides allows you to see your life from a new perspective and helps you to navigate through your life lessons more quickly and easily. Connecting with your Spirit Guides is like having your own personal coaching team available to you 24/7!

All calls are recorded, so you can repeat them as often as you like. You can either listen online or download the mp3 to your favorite device. Energy Baths are one of the easiest and most affordable life-changing systems available. All you need to do is show up, relax and let the healing happen. You can even listen the recordings while you sleep!


To get started, you can:
ATTEND A GROUP SESSION online, by phone or in person
SCHEDULE A PRIVATE SESSION by phone or in person
or Check Out these Energy Bath Audio Programs

The Intuitive Awakening Series    DETAILS HERE
This program is designed to help you awaken your intuition, open your spiritual connections and develop your psychic awareness. Deborah has been a professional intuitive reader and energy healer for over 20 years. Having read for 1000's of people from all walks of life, she has gained a wealth of wisdom to share with you to help you access your higher consciousness faster and easier than ever.

The Chakra Series    DETAILS HERE
Are your chakras BLOCKED? R...u...n...n...i...n...g...   S..l..o..w..l..y...? or maybe even sdrawkcab?  This could be the reason you haven't been able to make changes in your life! In this series, you'll enjoy 13 recorded energy healing sessions that will activate both the front and the back of each of your 7 major chakras. As you clear away your chakra blocks and barriers, you'll release the infinite power within you to create the life experiences you've always wanted. 

The Prosperity Program    DETAILS HERE
Our subconscious programming is such a huge part of our relationship with money. There are so many layers of emotional, mental and energetic patterns that can limit our ability to achieve our financial goals. This series contains 13 energy healing sessions to help you become aware of and clear away your inner blocks to wealth, balance in your inflow + outflow of financial energy and expand the levels of prosperity and abundance that you allow in your life.

The Higher Consciousness Collection    DETAILS HERE
Connecting with our Guardian Angels is one of the greatest assets in our spiritual growth. Our Spirit Guides can help us navigate through our life's lessons with more ease and awareness than ever. From their view, they can see things about our journey that we just can't see on our own, so their wisdom can guide us to live happier and healthier lives.

The Personal Transformation Toolkit    DETAILS HERE
All Change Starts Within. So, if you'd looking to change anything about your outer world, the first step is learning to change your inner world. This series offers you a variety of tools and resources to help you Change your Energy and your Life.