The Death of New Year's Resolutions: Why Is It so Hard to Change?💩



Dearest Marvelous Sister:

Every year people set New Year's Resolutions: for exercise, weight loss, physical healing, career development, or relationship growth.

And by the end of January, 85% of those goals are cast aside.  Only 8% of people actually accomplish their goals.

Why is that?
Why is Change so Hard?

Most folks are well intentioned, hardworking, reasonable people who want to be healthy and growth oriented.

The truth is we humans are creatures of habit.  We like feelings of safety and security and this locks us into our routines and habits. 

It takes a lot of effort, it takes stepping outside of our comfort zone and taking risks to create lasting, meaningful change—with no guarantees that all our efforts will be successful.

That my friends, is scary stuff and if you already feel like you have too much on your plate, the whole change process can feel daunting, overwhelming even.

And yet, we want growth, we want healing, we want a joy filled and satisfying life.

So how can we be more successful with our growth intentions?
  1. Take time to reflect, to meditate on what you truly desire to create in in your life.  Mostly we set goals by using our intellect, our ego, and the "should" and "musts" of our critical mind. 
  1. Get some healthy support.  Secret goals are the first to die.  Share with trusted others your intentions and ask for encouragement and even help with accountability.  If you need professional guidance to reach you goals, know that you are worth it, and get the help.
  1. Be very patient and kind with yourself.  Beating yourself up will not help you stick to your intentions (you have already tried being critical and it didn't work).  Self-compassion, on the other hand, has been proven by research to be very beneficial.  And it feels nice.
  1. Hold a vision, a very detailed vision of what the changed, empowered you will look like. Create an intimate connection to that future self and see her encouraging you every step of the way.
I wish you great success in achieving your hearts desires and deepest yearnings.

After all, we all deserve to feel Fabulous! 

With much warmth,

Dr. Diane
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