Galaxy Pendants by Deborah Lighthart

Hand-painted, galaxy images on glass pendants by Intuitive Reader and Energy Healer, Deborah Lighthart. Each pendant measures 1" x 1 1/4" (sizes vary slightly) and comes with a matching 20" wax jewelry cord and claw clasp in a 3x3" padded gift box.
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Galaxy images remind us that we are part of something so much larger. Keeping images and symbols of them in our daily life, helps us to make a stronger connection with our cosmis consciousness. The colors in each pendant reflect the energies that it was designed to activate in your life. Whenever you look at it, let it remind you to align with the power of the cosmos by taking a deep breath, relaxing your body, mind + spirit and simply receiving all that the universe can bring.

WHITE:  reiki, purity, clarity, aura cleanse
GRAY:  neutrality, detachment, distance
BLACK:  transformation, transmutation, change
RED:  excitement, action, passion, courage
ORANGE:  adventurousness, creativity, fun
YELLOW: enthusiasm, happiness, confidence 
LIME GREEN:  growth, harmony, manifestation 
KELLY GREEN: abundance, heart healing, fertility 
FOREST GREEN: nature, balance, expansion 
AQUA:  peace, tranquility, healing inner child 
LIGHT BLUE:  speaking your truth, freedom 
ROYAL BLUE:  honesty, loyalty, channeling spirit 
DARK BLUE:  building trust, deciphering truth 
INDIGO:  psychic, intuition, signs, dreams 
LAVENDAR:  soothing, gentle healing, serenity 
VIOLET:  imagination, spirituality, karmic cleanse 
LIGHT PINK:  compassion, tenderness, protection 
BRIGHT PINK/FUSCHIA:  unconditional love 
BEIGE:  logic, practicality, financial security 
BROWN:  groundedness, stability, earthly comfort 
SILVER:  deep healing, pain relief, kills infection 
GOLD:  prosperity, wealth, christ consciousness 
IRIDESCENT: the most divine soul self expression

Heart-Light Healing Community is the collective group of friends, colleagues and clients of Deborah Lighthart. There are no membership fees, rules, regulations or expectations. You are invited to enjoy whatever offerings call to you and dismiss the rest. Thank you for sharing this journey with me.
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