Spirit Connections Podcast with Angela Smith

Are you interested in learning more about energy healing, intuitive awareness or spiritual development?
Would you like to explore your awakening in a loving and supportive community?
Do you have questions about your personal healing process or about your spiritual journey in general?

Then, please join us every Monday for a enlightening adventure in Spirit Connections with our host, Deborah LighthartYou can attend these live podcasts by phone from 72 different countries or online from anywhere in the world. (RSVP ON MEETUP) Here's what we offered in this call:

Each week, we host a talk from a different speaker, exploring a wide range of subjects related to spiritual connections. We chat about things like energy healing, intuitive reading, psychic awareness, evolution and so much more. This week's talk was:

A Chat with Angela Smith of www.thezendragonfly.com facebook.com/zdfly
Join the life journey of this reader, healer, teacher, leader and all-around amazing woman.

This segment is a great time to get live support to help you on your journey. People ask questions like, "How can I become more aware of my psychic abilities?," "What can I do to protect my energy field?" and "Where can I find good crystals?" Or just whatever is on your mind. All questions are good questions! So, please don't be shy about asking yours.

When we listen to and share stories about our spiritual experiences, it helps everyone to learn and grow and get more comfortable in their journey. There is no professional experience required! Every spirit connection and every story is important. Your personal spirit story could be the key to inspiring someone else on their path. So, please tune in to hear some amazing spirit connections stories and to share some of your own.

All calls are recorded and can be found at Spirit Connections Podcasts