The Magic of Circles



Dear Radiant Sister,

Today I want to share with you about the power of groups, especially of Women's Circles.

I just finished the 5th cohort of my Women's Empowerment 8 week course, "Step Into Your Full Power".  I was so honored to guide 11 beautiful souls.  It was heartwarming to watch the women move from strangers to sisters because they dared to share deeply and vulnerably with each other.  They all felt they had grown significantly through the experience.

For the last 2 weeks I shared with you about the powerful transformation I experienced and witnessed at the Feminine Power training "Empowering Women Live",
170 women gathering in large and small groups to witness and mirror each other's brilliance and potential.

The women in my empowerment group revealed the same wonderful growth and transformation.  By being safely held in a group container where they felt truly seen and deeply heard, where their desires for healing and growth were honored and celebrated, these women were able to dig deep and take risks to share both their stuck places, as well as their vision for what is possible for them.

The group synergy was powerful because each woman made a commitment to put her first attention on herself and her growth (versus on taking care of her sisters).  They made a commitment to developing self-compassion and self-acceptance.  This common intention created a very special energy field that then allowed the women to go very deep into meditation, much deeper that if they were doing the work alone.

By meditating together in this safe container, the women were able to make profound connection to their inner wisdom and the energy of the Divine. Then through sharing their experiences with each other, they were able to take their insights to an even deeper level, allowing them to own the progress they were making.

I'd love to share some of their comments:

"Learning to be accepting and patient with myself has opened me up to trust the universe and others to support me.  I deserve joy and happiness and love."~CK

"I learned to trust my inner wisdom. Growing from our lessons and wanting to continue to study this and maintain support and relationships with the people in our class."~SAK

"Loved the group energy.  The meditations were powerful and enlightening."~ SL

"The interaction process was very helpful.  It allows participants the ability to share openly without being or feeling judged." ~PP

"Healing from the heart not the head.  Now I have friends that I can learn to trust and trust myself."~SZK

Magic truly happens when women come together to support one another in the process of growth.  Find your tribe!

After all, we all deserve to feel Fabulous!

I will see you beautiful people in 2 weeks. Next week I have surgery.  Your prayers are most welcome.

With much warmth,

Dr. Diane

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