You Count. You Matter!



Dear Wonderful Sister,

Last week I had so much fun sharing about the powerful transformations that occurred at the Feminine Power training,
"Empowering Women Live'.  Over 170 women from 23 countries gathered to unleash their greatest potential.  It was so inspiring.

Today I'd like to share about a more tender topic, one I hope you can relate to.  That is my own healing transformation and the insights and awareness it has given me.

The intention, the desire I brought to the training was to deepen my self-care.  Because of this desire, an old false identity was revealed to me through the training's exercises, an old limiting belief that had been carefully hidden for years by my intellect, my defenses, and my good intentions.  The belief is, "I don't matter.  It is my work that matters."

I have long been working on healing my perfectionistic tendencies and the old beliefs, "I am not good enough." & "I am all alone.  I have to figure it all out on my own."  I am proud to say that I have made good progress on my healing journey.

But this new revelation went even deeper into my unconscious programming.  The intuitive wisdom I received was that this belief has been around since I was 3 ("I don't matter") and just got finessed as I launched my career ("It is my work that matters").

Even though I teach healthy self-care to all my clients, these old stuck patterns explain why I work such long hours and am always involved in some kind of up-leveling of my professional skills.  And it is my health--Mind, Body, Spirit, & Emotion--that pays the cost. 
I have not been paying enough attention to myself.

I have come to realize that many men and women carry these same limiting beliefs.  Men are socialized to identify with their career versus there humanness.  Women have long been programmed to see their worth in their care-taking skills.  As women have entered the work force in greater numbers, we have added on the layer of over identifying with our careers as well.  "I don't matter" squared!

No wonder it is so hard for most people—smart, aware, educated people—to put into place healthy self-care routines.  Our jobs, our loved ones get prioritized first.

Yet, if we don't learn how to honor and value our self, if we don't practice self-compassion and daily self-renewal, we will never achieve our greatest potential. 

Instead we will end up burnt out, resentful, and sick.  I know this personally.

But No More!

I am making a commitment to deep and nourishing self-care and I invite you to join me. Let's embrace this new power statement: 

"I count. I matter.  I deserve love and support, especially from me!"

After all, we all deserve to feel Fabulous!

With much warmth,

Dr. Diane

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