Women Mentoring Women: The Path to Greatness



Dear Radiant Sister,

I just got back from a fabulous workshop:
"Empowering Women Live".  It was a live intensive training for the Feminine Power Program that I have been involved with the past 4 years. The Feminine Power system by Dr. Claire Zammit is the foundation of the empowerment work I do with women.

The workshop was such juicy fun, with deep transformational learning.

I was privileged to connect and collaborate with 170 women from 23 countries. These women were all committed to accessing their personal power and fully developing themselves so that they could assist other women to do the same.  It was truly awe inspiring.

There were women from Canada, Mexico, Central & South America, Africa, Asia, Europe, India, Australia and of course the U. S.   And the Americans were not even the majority of the people.  Incredible.

One woman traveled for 29 hours to come to this training.  Can you imagine the passion she has for this empowerment work?

And it was a huge slumber party.  I got to be with Feminine Power sisters I have not seen in 2 years.  Although we worked really hard, I felt so held and supported.  These women loved me and believed in me. I felt so grateful to be collaborating with all these fabulous women.

I was doubly blessed to serve as a mentor to the new women in the training program.  I was blown away by how hungry these women were for developmental feedback.  For most of us, being evaluated can be intimidating.  However, because we worked so hard to create a container of safety and non-judgment, of generous and generative support, the giving and receiving of feedback was actually enjoyable!

And I saw breakthroughs happening every day, women shedding lifelong patterns of playing small, of fearing to truly presence themselves.  Through sponsorship
and the mirroring of their gifts and abilities by the other participants, I saw these women step forward into their brilliance.  It was amazing.

Another old pattern that many women, myself included, were able to release was the belief, "I am all alone.  I need to figure everything out on my own".  We all agreed as a community to embrace the mantra "We can't become our best self by our self".  We worked in pairs and triads on every workshop task or exercise and the fellowship was magical.

My sisters could reflect back to me what I was not yet clearly seeing, which helped me own my strengths.  The sharing was so deep and vulnerable, the support so profound, that the old patterns had no choice but to break apart.  It is now a joy for me to ask for and receive guidance and support. Victory!

I wish that each and every one of you could experience the support and amplification, the breakthroughs that I both experienced and witnessed.  I would be so honored to be your mentor and coach.

After all, we all deserve to feel Fabulous!

With much warmth,

Dr. Diane

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