Why is it so hard to release those old limiting beliefs?😢



Hello Radiant Sister,

Are you yearning to 
"Step into You Full Power"?  Let's dig deeper into Step 4 of my signature system,.

After you
"Get Clear" on where you feel the most stuck, it is important to put "You First" on your priority list, making a deep commitment to your own growth and development.  The third step is "Loving You", learning to truly own your value and worth, as well as building self-compassion.

Next is the vital step of identifying and releasing the old stories of lack and limitation that keep you feeling stuck, blocked from creating the life you yearn for,
"Getting Unstuck".

Last week we focused on how to identify those old stories.  This week's focus is on the art of releasing those inner barriers so that you can integrate the truth of who you are today: all your strengths and abilities, all your life experience, and all your deep wisdom.

Releasing our limiting beliefs is no easy task.  Many people, myself included, have spent years in therapy and years reading self-help books.  We have been able to identify the old stories, we challenge the negative thinking patterns, and work hard to create positive self-talk.  But those old stories keep showing up in our life, keep getting triggered despite our new positive attitude. WTF!

If this describes you, please know that you are not failing.  You are doing nothing wrong.  The reason these old stories keep showing up, even with all the work you have done, is that you simply have not been taught the proper tools to create the deep release and transformation of these old limiting beliefs, these inner barriers.

You see we cannot think away, analyze, or problem solve the release of these limiting beliefs.  These old stories are buried deep in our unconscious (remember the core of these beliefs was programmed in when we were very young and defenseless).  Because of this, the healing to release the inner barriers requires inner connection work, work at the energetic/emotional level.  My signature strategy offers you a powerful, yet gentle way to do this inner connection work.  It teaches you how to connect self in the mind with self in the body.

The old stories in your unconscious mind are like emotional wounds trapped in our body.  I call this your vulnerable self.  In Step 3
"Loving You", you learn to develop an honoring and loving relationship with yourself.  Part of this process is connecting to your Highest Self, your "Wise Woman", the part of you which contains all the energy of your strengths and wisdom.  When the Wise Woman (self in the mind) makes loving and compassionate connection to the vulnerable self (self in the body), miracles can happen.  Old stories are released and transformation begins.

This gentle inner connection process is a type of mindful meditation.  More importantly, it is about building a relationship; a relationship between the wisest, most nurturing part of self with the most stuck and vulnerable parts of self.  This relationship is the key to the transformation process, is the key to releasing the stuck energy.  Thank Goddess women are so good at building relationships.

It takes practice to become proficient at this powerful process.  However, you already know how to provide support and compassion to others in need.   Well sister, it's time to turn your care-taking skills inward, to all those stuck places that need your attention and care.  It's time to release those inner barriers to free the wings of your greatest potential.

After all, we all deserve to feel Fabulous!

With much warmth,

Dr. Diane

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