Spirit Connections Podcast with Susan Kennard

 Join us for an Enlightening Adventure in Spiritual Awakening, Energy Healing and Angelic Communication with our host, Deborah Lighthart*. You can attend this live podcast by phone from 26 different countries or online from anywhere in the world every Wednesday at 7:30pm CDT. For easy access, all calls are recorded and posted HERE ON THE BLOG. This session features:

"The Connection between Science and Spirit" with Susan Kennard of www.susankennard.co.uk
Susan shares stories of her work with clients and her own personal spiritual connection. With a scientific background, she brings an amazingly grounded and practical approach to your personal enlightenment process.

"Tarot Readings + Spirit Messages" with Deborah Lighthart 
Deborah offers personal readings and messages to our live audience, as well as a group message for all podcast listeners.

"Energy Bath"  with Deborah Lighthart
Deborah shares a group energy healing experience that combines guided meditation, reiki energy healing, breathwork, mantras and more.

*Deborah is a professional energy healer and intuitive reader. She offers these live calls/podcasts as a community service to help people all over the world maintain a deeper connection with Spirit. If you enjoy this session, you can show your support by MAKING A DONATION HERE.