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Hello Powerful Sister,

We are continuing to explore Step 4 of my signature system, "Step into You Full Power."

Step 1 is "Getting Clear" on where you feel most stuck in your life.
Step 2 is "You First", prioritizing your self-care and personal development.
Step 3 is "Loving You", learning to own your value, own your worth.

Step 4 is "Get Unstuck".  It's about identifying and releasing those old stories of lack and limitation that keep you feeling trapped and unable to create the life you long for, your greatest possibility.

Last week I shared about how we all develop those negative core beliefs when we are young little learning machines.  These now unconscious beliefs impact us throughout our life and create the stuck patterns we long to be free of.

So let's talk about how you work on releasing these inner barriers.
There are 3 basic components to "Getting Unstuck":

  1. Learn how to identify those old limiting stories.
  2. Learn how to connect to and release those old stories.
  3. Learn to integrate into your self-concept the deeper truth of who you are today: your gifts, talents, life experience, and wisdom. (This is where you get the mojo to develop your biggest vision for your life.)
Let's start with learning to identify your limiting beliefs.  This requires deep self-reflection.  It requires you to take both a fierce and tender look at the parts of your life that make you the most unhappy.

Fierce means being willing to take Radical Responsibility for the repeat patterns in your life where you feel trapped.  There are always other people and situations involved in these painful events, but the point of power is in recognizing your role, your emotional and behavioral reactions to these events, because this is where these negative core beliefs live.

I will use myself as an example.  For most of life I have felt that in many of my professional, personal, and even family relationships, that I was doing a lot more giving than I was receiving.  This would cause feelings of hurt, resentment, and loneliness when I needed help and no one seemed to show up for me.

When I finally turned my focus on this pattern, with the help of the tools that Feminine Power taught me, I was able to see this very old belief: " I am all alone.  I have to figure everything out on my own."  As a child in a really dysfunctional environment, this was a reasonable interpretation of my situation, a survival skill really.  As an adult, it created this old story that I couldn't count on anyone.

I was, unconsciously, putting out the message to others that I didn't need help because I was strong, I had my life under control.  I attracted to myself people who wanted my help but could not provide the support I was truly craving. Identifying that pattern allowed me to shift this old belief.  My deeper truth was now this affirmation, "I am a beloved child of God and an important member of the tribe.  I need and deserve support".

This opened me up to attracting like-minded sisters into my life who could
truly see me for who I am today and who I was yearning to become.  More importantly, I was able to ask directly for help and then gratefully receive the support.  It was for me a miraculous transformation. 

Sisters, if I can make these discoveries and changes, then so can you.  And I have the tools that can help you to get there.

After all, we all deserve to feel Fabulous!

With much warmth,

Dr. Diane

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