Opening Your Heart to You--It's time to claim your worth!



Hello Powerful Sister,

I am excited to continue to explore my signature system with you : "Step Into Your Full Power".

Step 1 is "Getting Clear"—gaining clarity on where you feel most stuck in your life and clarity on your vision for healing and growth.

Step 2 is "You First"—making a deep and heartfelt commitment to your self-care, to putting your growth on the top of your priority list. 

We are now looking at Step 3 "Loving You"—learning to own your value, own your worth.  Connecting gently with your inner world, and learning to build self-compassion and self-kindness.

This is such an important step in the process of claiming your personal power, in stepping into your greatest potential.

You can't really be free to take the risks necessary to become your best self if you don't
 Believe in You, Your Worth, Your Value, Your Unique Combination of Gifts and Strengths.  You are one of a kind.

The problem is that we are all programmed to not reflect on our self in a positive way and this really messes up our self-worth.

First off our very nervous system is built to be more sensitive to negative information than to positive.  That worked fine when we were living in caves and everyday was a fight for survival.  Now it just means we have a well-trained "Inner Mean Girl", always on the ready to tell us we are messing up or embarrassing ourselves.

Next, we are programmed as women to be focused on the needs and care of others.  We are so good at seeing others strengths and worth, yet blind to our own.

Thirdly, our religious training tells us we are all basically sinners and to be pleasing to God, we must be of service to others. Focusing on ourselves is dangerous and selfish.

And then there can be all kinds of negative beliefs we developed as kids, because we were little learning machines in a very imperfect world: I am not safe. I am not good enough.  I am not lovable.  I am too much.  I am not important…

The trouble with these negative beliefs is that they are now programmed at an unconscious level, so we don't even know when they are impacting us.

It is a wonder that anyone can develop self-worth.  Well sisters, it is time to clean house of t,hose old programs.  They are not true and no longer serve us as developing human beings.

Once you accept that it is truly a good idea to like yourself, then the journey to self-love can be fun and exciting.  I just love to show women the path to discovering their own value.  I use the same methods that worked for me, so they have been personally tested out. 

I won't lie, this journey to becoming kind and gentle and loving to self requires daily mindfulness, daily effort.  And at times you will fall off the horse because life gives us challenges and our first response to stress is often to use our old coping skills.  For me, because I am now paying more attention to my stress and pain, it has become easier to see the old patterns, and with help and support, get right back on that horse again.  Thank goodness that practice really works!

As a special treat, I am including a link to a list of strengths.  Take a minute to review and identify your strengths.  I guarantee you will be amazed at what you find.  Then please post on my Facebook page ( what you discovered.  I'll have a post pinned to the top of the page. I can't wait to see your answers!

Own those strengths Sister.  We all deserve to feel Fabulous!  

With much warmth,

Dr. Diane

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