Loving You--The Next Step to Full Power



Hello Radiant Sister,

I am loving sharing with you my signature system "Step Into Your Full Power".

Step 1 is "Getting Clear"—gaining clarity on where you feel most stuck in your life and clarity on your vision for healing and growth.

Step 2 is "You First"—making a deep and heartfelt commitment to your self-care, to putting your growth on the top of your priority list. 

Now we come to Step 3
"Loving You"—learning to own your value, own your worth.  Connecting gently with your inner world, one learns to build self-compassion and self-kindness (while softening that critical inner voice, what coach & author Amy Ahlers calls our " Inner Mean Girl").

Learning to love yourself makes sense and sounds healthy, but it is really hard to do.  Most of the women I work with  yearn for it, yet find it elusive.

I was long teaching the importance of self-love before I actually mastered it.  In fact, I had to burn out by pushing myself with my perfectionistic standards at work, at home, and even in the gym.  I really crashed and burned.

Then 2 teachers entered my world:  Dr. Kristin Neff with her CD's on building self-compassion and Dr. Claire Zammit with her Feminine Power tools of connection.  Using the methods these powerful women offered helped me to finally become more kind and loving with myself.  I learned to pay attention to what was happening inside.  And I became brave enough to vulnerably share myself with like-minded sisters, my Feminine Power Tribe. 

It has been life changing and led me to the path of teaching this empowerment process to other women.

So you might be thinking that if you, a psychologist, with all your training and tools found it hard to develop self-love, then how can I do this? 

Well sister, I am here to tell you that you absolutely can because
I have discovered the methods that really work.   You see it is not my professional training that helped me as much as my willingness to open my heart up to me.  And that is something my culture, my parents, and my professional training never taught me. 

Our culture praises mental toughness and tells us to ignore our feelings because they are weak distractions.  However, if we don't pay attention to when we are feeling angry or exhausted, it's really hard to be kind and gentle with ourselves.  So that pain energy just stays stuck in our bodies, doing damage to our health and happiness.

This same culture also tells us we are to be of service to others. Our worth is as care-takers.  Focusing on our own wants and needs, our own feelings and desires, is somehow considered selfish.  And being considered selfish is horrifying to most women.

These two factors, along with the general negativity of our society, leads us to develop very strong "Inner Mean Girls" and very weak "Inner Lovers".   We are much better at beating ourselves up than we are at giving ourselves compassion.

But Sisters, this can be changed and I would love to show you how.

After all, we all deserve to feel Fabulous!  

With much warmth,

Dr. Diane

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