Breaking Free From Limiting Beliefs



Hello Beautiful Sister,

I've been exploring my signature system "Step Into Your Full Power", with you.  We are now on Step 4 "Get Unstuck".

Step 1 is "Getting Clear"—gaining clarity on where you feel most stuck in your life and clarity on your vision for healing and growth.

Step 2 is
"You First"—making a deep and heartfelt commitment to your self-care, to putting your growth on the top of your priority list. 

Step 3 is
"Loving You"—learning to own your value, own your worth.  Connecting gently with your inner world, and learning to build self-compassion and self-kindness.

Step 4 is a big one, 
"Get Unstuck".  It's about getting clear on your inner barriers, the old stories that keep you feeling stuck.  Once you are clear, the Full Power Process teaches you gentle methods for releasing those old limiting beliefs to make room for the truth about your life experience, your strengths, and abilities, and all your wisdom.

This step is so important.  These old stories, these limiting beliefs are what keep us from developing our greatest potentials.

It is what sends people to the therapy coach.  It leads people to gobble up self-help books.  It's what keeps us awake at night. We all want to be 
free from these limiting beliefs!

It is vital to understand that it's not just you with these stuck patterns.  Everyone develops limiting beliefs.   And here is why.

Our core negative beliefs form when we are very young.  Some experts say by age 6.  You see when we are very young we are built to learn. We are little learning machines, we are information sponges.  We learn all kinds of good things, but we also learn all kinds of crap.  It's because we were raised by imperfect people, in an imperfect world, and as young children we don't have the ability to analyze what is happening to us.  Instead, we make childish interpretations of what we are experiencing:  "I am alone", "I am invisible, I am not important", "I am unsafe", "I am too much" or even "I am not lovable".

You don't have to be raised in an abusive situation.  Let's say you had a dad (or grandmother or teacher) who was very critical and perfectionistic.  As a child it is reasonable for you to conclude "I am not good enough", even though your dad is just trying to get you to do your best.

As we get older, these very painful beliefs get buried in our unconscious mind.  We don't actively think about them and we build layers of defenses and coping strategies to protect the original wound.  So if we believe that we are "not good enough", but discover we get praise from our teachers and parents for good grades, we tell our self that achievement is good and we work really hard to keep achieving.  However, due to that unconscious belief " I am not good enough", we can never be satisfied with our achievements and are constantly expecting more of ourselves (and probably of others too).  This is how the perfectionist—that would be me-- is born.

We all have these old limiting beliefs.  We all develop those painful stuck places, those repeat self-defeating patterns that make us feel trapped.  Certain situations trigger the old unconscious negative core beliefs, that then trigger the autopilot thoughts and reactions—our dysfunctional programs—that lead to predictable but not productive ways of behaving in the world.  Sigh...

The good news is that we can identify and release these old stories so we can replace these dysfunctional patterns with the truth of about all our gifts, life experience, and wisdom, leaving us free to create our biggest dreams.

I'd love to show you how. 

After all, we all deserve to feel Fabulous!

With much warmth,

Dr. Diane

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