Three Protections

Someone sent these to me a while ago, I don't even remember who, but they are great exercises to cleanse and protect your energy field. Please feel free to practice them as often as you like.

Tube of Light—visualize a tube of white light surrounding you that extends beyond your finger tips when they are held out to your sides and say:

“Beloved Mighty I AM Presence! Enfold me now in my Mighty, Magic Electronic Tube of Ascended Masters’ Light Substance! Make it so powerful that no human creation can pass through! See that it keeps me Invisible, Invincible, and Invulnerable to everything but Thy Almighty Perfection, and Infinitely and Divinely Sensitive to Thee and Thy Divine Perfection, Beloved Mighty I AM Presence.”

Violet Consuming Flame—visualize a violet flame surrounding you within the tube of white light—this flame sweeps through your entire being from feet to over the head and say:

“I AM” Always a gigantic pillar of the Violet Consuming Flame of Pure Divine Love, that transcends all human concepts and pours out through me forever, all the Ascended MASTER VICTORY and perfection from within Its Heart.”

Wall of Blue Flame—visualize a circular wall of blue flame some distance outside the tube of light—

“I AM” the Mighty Magic Circle of Protection about me which is Invincible and repels from me every discordant thought or element which seeks to find entrance or intrude itself. “I AM” the Perfection of my world and IT IS SELF-sustained.”

These are very powerful especially if you will use them daily upon arising.