Mercury Retrograde in Pisces: Remember who you are

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This week we have the Mercury Retrograde phase that began on Tuesday; on Wednesday: Uranus changed signs from Aries to Taurus, and the New Moon in Pisces is exact; and Daylight Savings time begins very early Sunday in the United States.
Mercury Retrograde cycle as it is the perfect time to slow connect to what we feel and allow for new intuitive information to come in and guide us for the next few months.  We often hear a lot of fear and superstition around this retrograde cycle.  For example to not sign contracts, schedule medical procedures and a list of what we should and shouldn't do.  I'm a strong advocate of using astrology consciously, going behind the surface level (against the fear and blame of planets) to the deeper meanings of what the cycle is about. 
During a retrograde, Mercury reveals a message to you by bringing something that has been previously unconscious into your conscious awareness.  It's not that's bad luck, but rather that you may not have all the information yet.  It's empowering to pause with intention and allow the guidance to unfold.  If we do not have a practice of pausing to listen, moving with intention then life will support you in slowing down through some seemingly fated event, such as technology issue, communication breakdown or possibly flight delayed.  If you don't look deeper into what is being revealed, you miss the point. The type of message delivered is always relating to the archetypal themes of the signs Mercury retrograding in.  To hear more about the Archetypal themes of this Mercury Retrograde cycle, read the article below.
Mercury Retrograde in Pisces: Diving into Mystical Territory
Mercury Retrograde in Pisces on March 5th is a dive into mystical territory. It is a call to become present to the truths we are feeling, access soul guidance, and surrender to Divine timing.
This Retrograde invites us to find the symbolic and deeper meaning in what we are experiencing. That which is triggering you is being activated for alchemy and chaos becomes the cleanser to connect to the hidden purpose. What is the deeper spiritual message in how things are unfolding? Surrender to needing to figure things out through your mind and feel the truth in your heart. Where have you been out of alignment? Where do you need to re-calibrate? What needs to be sacrificed to return to the sacred?

Working with the Mystic Archetype

Pisces is the Mystic that connects to the "all is one". It doesn't philosophize about it, it simply plugs into the connection. The Mystic longs to merge with the divine and sees the divinity in all humanity.
This is our time to be with whatever emotions we have been avoiding. Feel what is true. Feel it all. Where have you been checked out, pushing past guidance, on sensory overload? Slow down. Repair what isn't working and dissolve judgement into compassion. It takes tremendous courage to feel and live from an open heart. What is in the way of that? Who do you need to forgive? There is no spiritual bypassing allowed if you are ready and willing to step into more of your potential.

Surrender to Divine Timing

Trust that the divine is guiding your way into your next potential. Be willing to listen to spirit without any personal agenda. It is in this space that we hear our soul speak our next steps. Let go of what we don't have any control over. Turn it over to a greater power. Practice surrender but if this practice demands an answer on your terms and specific time frame, repeat and try again.
What is your next sacred action needed to move in alignment with your potential? What do you need to feel to heal? Do you need to set a boundary with someone in your life or share what it is you need? Maybe you need to let go of unconscious rescue missions or the need to be needed that distracts your from really going for your true heart's desires. Perhaps you need to stop taking things personally and feeling like a victim of life happenstance and step into the work of a conscious co-creator. Perhaps your next sacred action is the surrender to deep rest and practice the art of being – reconnect to what is nourishing.
New Moon in Pisces: Remember who you are
On March 6th at 11:04am EST (8:04am PST) the Moon aligns with the Sun in almost 16 degrees of Pisces marking the beginning of a new Moon cycle. This is the cycle of new beginnings, compassion, creativity, soul connection, and mystical truth. Pisces is the Mystic, The Healer, The Artist, The "All is One" energy.
This cycle is asking you to remember who you are. Who are you, are you your body? If you have a body then you are not that body; you possess and inhibit the body you are in. Are you your mind? If you can see the thoughts coming through your mind and observe them, than you are not your mind. Are you your emotions? If you are aware of your emotions, then you are not your emotions. That which is aware of something cannot be that something. If not your body, mind, or emotions, then who are you? Who is the you that is observing your thoughts, aware of your emotions, possessing your body? Who is observing all thoughts? Who is aware of your emotions?

This new moon is reconnecting you to the truth of who you are. You are Divinity. Have you forgotten this truth? You are a drop of water in ocean that is the Universe. You are a part of the "I AM" energy. You are the essence of "All is One". Have you forgotten this truth? There is new clarity coming in this these next few weeks and it is not the clarity that comes through the mind. Surrender your attachments to the mind dominance and feel the guidance coming into you. Feel your true essence.  Dissolve the barriers. Bring Form to the Formless.
Guidance is always there for you although it may be hard to allow it in at times and may take the the form of knowing a new direction ahead. Feel your connection to the "All Is One" and let it guide you to the next steps of your soul service. Say a soul prayer or ask: "How can I best be of service?", "Show me what the the next steps are" "What is in the way of you pulling stepping into your power?". Reconnect with your essence through music, art, poetry, dance, or a dreamwork, ritual.
Above all, trust that the divine will reach you in the right time and the right way. Surrender to spirit and your essence guiding you. Set your intention and walk through the door to the new beginning, strong in connection to your essence.
Want to know more of what the Mercury Retrograde cycle is revealing for you?
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