How to believe in the beauty of your dreams

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Lately I've been hearing so many people, especially women, share how they've put everyone else ahead of themselves for so long that they're not living the life they are meant to live. 

I'm wondering if that is happening to you. 

It's exactly what happened to me during my husband's drug addiction.

I was settling for a life that didn't serve me or help me get closer to who I wanted to be or how I wanted to live.  I had forgotten what I wanted, what made me happy, and how to shine my light.

This same thing is happening to so many others right now.  You are not alone yet it can feel like it some days.

In my book, Mindset Magic I share, "You are here on purpose, with a purpose, for a purpose.  Your dreams and desires are not random.  They are a calling from the Divine through your deepest Self.  They are the method through which you may manifest the unfolding of your purpose, enabling the successful expansion of consciousness within and without."

The beauty of your dreams is knowing they come from the deepest and most authentic place within.  When you tap into the truth that you are meant to impact the world in ways you cannot imagine, you connect with the wisdom that your life has tremendous purpose and value.  You no longer are content to watch it pass you by, knowing you have so much more within you. 

The timing may be perfect for you to join me today if you're looking to move forward in a BIG way toward greater alignment with your purpose.


Because you don't have to keep putting off your life for that day when everything is perfect and it's just the right time. That magical "Someday" will never come and you simply don't have the time to waste waiting for it to be your turn.

You'll experience what happens when you start prioritizing your needs and desires.  You'll start showing up with more confidence and courage.  You'll believe you're meant for more and start taking action toward what you want.

If you keep waiting for that someday you'll keep being disappointed.  But if you choose to honor the whispers from within, you can be surrounded by others cheering you on, celebrating you and all that you can achieve. 
Isn't it time your Someday Starts Today?
All the best,
P.S. Let's talk about it, shall we? You can call me anytime at 414-779-MIND or send me an email and we'll set it up. I can't wait to chat with you and see if now is the time…

Monday's Mantra:  "I am grateful for all that I have experienced."  Affirm this mantra until it becomes part of your belief system and you begin to realize that everything is happening for your best and highest good. 

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