Come Get Your Taste of Fabulous


She was hungry, hungry to find a new way…

A new way to navigate all her responsibilities and the care and nurturing of herself—Mind*Body*Spirit*Emotion.

She was thirsting to find a path to personal power that didn't require her to blow up the other parts of her life.

She was yearning for a
"Taste of Fabulous".

What is "A Taste of Fabulous"?  It is a powerful free workshop happening this weekend in Pewaukee WI, 3/23 and 3/24 and
due to the overwhelming positive response to this offer, a third date of Sunday 3/31, at 1 p.m.

I am on a mission to teach women how to use their talents & gifts, their compassion and gentle caring on their own behalf.  It makes no sense to me that we are so good at taking care of others and so negligent in the caring of our own self.  But, I have been guilty of this myself.

It's because we have been brainwashed for 1000's of years to believe that this is just the way the world works.  Our job, our worth as women is in the care taking of others, not the nurturing for our self.

Well I call "Bull Shit"! 

Sisters, it's 2019, and women's roles in society have greatly changed.

We can be astronauts and senators, CEO's and Surgeons, soldiers and professional athletes, as well as wives, moms, daughters...

There are more demands on our time and energy than ever before in history.

We desperately need to find new ways to navigate all these responsibilities and the care and nurturing of ourselves.

The world needs us to be
Full Power.  And we deserve to feel fabulous, not burnt out and overwhelmed.

This workshop gives you a taste of my signature system "Step into Your Full Power", which assists you to become more deeply and positively connected to yourself, to your Inner Wisdom and to others so that you can manifest you deepest desires and become your own best friend.

I would love for you to join us.

You can read all about it here:

With much warmth,
Dr. Diane

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