Are You Ready to Step into Your Full Power?


Hello There Sister:

Did you know that research shows that women are less happy today than 50 years ago? 

At first glance it may not make sense.  Women have more opportunity today than ever before in history: access to education, careers, leadership, and financial independence.  Just look at all the new women leaders in Washington!

In today's society, women are trying to do more, be more, than ever before in history.  There are more demands on our time and energy than in any past generation of women.  No wonder we are exhausted.

The problem is that our access to opportunity did not come with a shift in the cultural expectations for our traditional roles as caretakers.  So many women have 2 Full Time Jobs—at work and at home.  That is a ticket to burnout.

And although we may be achieving great things in the work place, women still struggle with owning their talents and worth.  I see so many brilliant and accomplished women, and yet  they are so hard on themselves, blaming themselves and their "deficiencies" for their daily struggles versus seeing how society has put us in an impossible situation—trying to excel at work and home without the support we need to truly succeed.

Are you ready to find a new way?

Are you hungry to learn new methods to more deeply and positively connect to your self, to your Inner Wisdom, and to supportive others?

For the past 3 years I have been learning, practicing and now teaching a Feminine Power Transformational Process (thank you Dr. Claire Zammit).  I am thrilled and honored to be offering a free exploratory workshop to allow you to taste this powerful process-- Step Into Your Full Power.

This  2 hour workshop, "A Taste of Fabulous", will be held twice, on March 23 and March 24, 2019.  Click here to learn more:

We all deserve to feel fabulous.  I invite you to join me for this special gathering of women.

With much warmth,
Dr. Diane

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