A Taste of Fabulous

Hello There Sister,

If you are like many women I know and work with, you may be feeling burnt out and overwhelmed by all the choices and demands on your time and energy.  Self-care, "me time", often falls to the bottom of the priority list.  This leaves you feeling exhausted and yearning for a better way to live.

Now is a very interesting and challenging time to be a woman in our society. 

On the one hand we have more access to education, careers, leadership, and financial independence than ever before in history.  Unlike our foremothers, we have access to resources that  focus on our own growth and personal fulfillment.

On the other hand, we are still very much grounded in traditional roles as caretakers. We have been programmed to be "good girls", helpful, kind and focused on the needs of others.  Focusing on our own wants and needs goes against the traditional cultural expectations.

With one foot in opportunity and one foot in tradition, many women are feeling a sense of dissatisfaction and disconnection in their lives.  We need a new way to navigate all this responsibilities and the care and development of our self.

That is why I am so excited about my empowerment work with women.  I love to help women rediscover themselves and their passions.   My signature system, "Step Into Your Full Power", enables you to strengthen your self-worth, clarify your vision, and develop the support you need to create that deeply satisfying life you long for. 

And now you have an opportunity to explore this Full Power Process thru my free workshop, given on March 23 and March 24, "A Taste of Fabulous".  Click here to get more information:

We all deserve to feel fabulous.  I invite you to join me for this special gathering of women.

With much warmth,
Dr. Diane

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