Spirit Connections Podcast: My Spiritual Journey with Pattie Peterson

Join us for an Enlightening Adventure in Spiritual Awakening, Energy Healing and Angelic Communication with our host, Deborah Lighthart*. You can attend this live podcast by phone from 26 different countries or online from anywhere in the world. All calls are recorded, so if you RSVP on meetup, we can send you the link. This Sunday's Line-up :

"My Spiritual Journey" with Pattie Peterson of Messages from the Angels   EMAIL
Pattie is a reader, healer, Reiki teacher, drum circle facilitator, meditation guide and so much more. She shared stories and insights about her connection with Spirit and how it has impacted her life.

"Group Angel Card Reading" with Pattie Peterson of Messages from the Angels 
Pattie did a 3card reading for all of our listeners.

"Native American Healing Prayer" with Pattie Peterson of Messages from the Angels
Pattie closed our session with a beautiful prayer from her Drum Circles.

*Deborah is a professional energy healer and intuitive reader, as well as an ordained minister. She offers these calls as a community service to help people all over the world maintain a deeper connection with the Higher Consciousness, as well as their own Guardian Angels and Spirit Guides. For more details about her work, please visit www.deborahlighthart.com  If you enjoy this session, you can show your support by making a financial contribution at http://paypal.me/deborahlighthart