Maxi pads and inspiration

Hey there!

I was sitting on a stool in front of a machine that was about to rip apart a maxi pad.

My job was to push the button to start the process to test the glue that held them together, clean up the mess, and start again.  It was one of my first mind-numbing jobs right after college that felt as if it was sucking the life out of me. I wondered how my life, that was full of amazing dreams and aspirations, had fallen into this.  Some days I mentally carried on about how a monkey could do what I was doing and all of the woe-is-me chatter that went along with it. Then one day I asked myself a new question.

"What can I do with the mind-body connection?"

I had studied biology in college with the intention of a career in dolphin therapy so it was a diversion from my typical thoughts.  I now know those odd musings are some of the best thoughts to listen to. Immediately "Hypnosis" popped into my head which was quite odd because I didn't know much about it.  So acting upon this guidance I marched myself to the nearest computer and did some research. Two weeks later I was sitting in my first hypnotism training course that would shape the course of my life forever.

My life wouldn't be what it is today if I hadn't been brave enough to:

1 - ask a new question
2 - act upon the inner guidance received

The same is true for you.  If you need help learning how to ask a new question or to hear the whispers of spirit, reach out and we can talk about how I can help support you.  I'm here for you.

Much love,

P.S. If you are coming out of an extreme family situation (like addiction, narcissism, divorce, death, or something else entirely), I invite you to schedule a complimentary Discovery Session to learn how I may be able to help you find your inner guidance and rediscover the joy of living again.

My Mantra:  "I release any past negative beliefs."  Affirm this mantra until it becomes part of your belief system and you begin to realize that you are in control of your thoughts. If you don't like what you're thinking, you have the power to change it.

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