Do you struggle with Self-Sabotage?

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Do you struggle with SELF-SABOTAGE?
The ridiculous thing is that you often know when you're doing it yet you do it anyway. It's like a double punch in the gut of now being that much farther away from accomplishing what you want PLUS the added benefit of being able to add a heap of guilt on top of it because of it.
It shows up in so many ways for us, too. It can be in how you are showing up in your relationships, your finances, your career, and your health.
  • You repeatedly fall for partners that aren't emotionally available for you or you don't allow yourself to be all in with them which causes them to leave.
  • You soothe your sadness or disappointment through a bit of retail therapy, then kick yourself for the huge debt you've created when the bill comes each month.
  • You eat that cookie (or 10) when you're feeling lonely because somehow it makes you feel like you're loved.
  • You busy your time on things that don't matter and leave that important project undone, then berate yourself on why you haven't been more successful in your business.
But what would it be like to release that sabotage and have ALL parts of you showing up for yourself fully?
  • You understand yourself so fully that your relationships have become deeper, fuller, and more meaningful.
  • You allow yourself to fully feel your emotions (all of them, not just some) and move through each with a greater capacity for love and compassion to yourself and others.
  • You treat your body with kindness and sacredness knowing it's with you until the end, so you've started treating it like a friend.
  • You focus your time and attention on the things that will move you forward in your business and career and allow yourself to feel confident and successful.
All this is possible, and so much more!
If you're ready to give yourself a kick start and boost your happiness and success, then you'll love hypnosis. It's the fast track to getting out of your own way and living the life you desire.
I have nearly 20 years experience with hypnosis, and want you to experience its power so I've created a 5 week hypnosis program to help you achieve all those things at a super low cost.
You can get all 5 weeks for less than what it costs for a private 1:1 hypnosis session... only $247.
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