When all seems lost, hope remains

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For longer than I'd like to think about, my life had gotten off track.
Like so many others, my family experienced tremendous hardship when the economy fell in 2008. My husband lost his construction job. I supported our family with my income for the next year and a half, during which we started our family. Then I lost my my job shortly after returning from maternity leave. We left our beloved home in FL and relocated closer to family for connection and support (and the only job my husband could find). My father died a month later. My husband and I had more arguments about money and responsibilities and expectations – neither of us were living up to the others ideals. Somewhere along the line my husband lost himself to drug addiction and that brought a whole new level of chaos into our lives. I lived more of my life in darkness – the shadow side of who I was and the despair that the circumstances created. I, too, lost bits of myself from what took place and the hardships we endured.
Those markers of safety and comfort I relied upon felt like they had crashed upon the rocks.
Like so many others, we're still experiencing the effects of what took place. Yet the thing that carried me though was hope.
There were so many things I had hope for…
Hope that things would be better
Hope that life would get easier
Hope that I wouldn't feel so scared and lonely and disappointed
Hope that my relationship with my husband could get back on track
Hope that I was showing up for my daughter so that she wouldn't be so impacted by the things she was living through
I learned to create new buoys to hold tight to. Things that couldn't be swept away in the next big storm. 
Much love,
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