Join us for a Mandala Meditation Art Class!

Have You Ever Wanted to Design Your Own Mandala?

Join us Saturday, January 26, for a Mandala Meditation Art Class!

The beauty of mandalas has been admired for centuries, but have you ever wondered about their history and why they are so captivating?

Guest instructor, Sara, will join the Sacred Spiral Academy on Saturday, January 26 to teach you the history of mandalas, how they are used, and the techniques for how to design your very own mandala.

Learn to create your very own magic in this unique class!

Cost: $60 - includes all supplies needed to create a personal mandala

Class is limited to 9 attendees!

A Little More About the Instructor:

Sara has had a lifelong love of drawing, which she reconnected with during a trip to India in 2014. Inspired by the designs and patterns of the henna that beautifully decorated her arms and hands, Sara started line drawing, doing patterned work and dabbling with mehndi designs. After a second trip to India two years later, she found herself mesmerized by the mandala designs and patterns that decorated many temple walls. For the past few years, Sara has found peace and healing in drawing mandalas. The process has helped her bring more mindfulness into her life and connect with her true inner self. She is excited to share the mandala process with all of you!

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