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Hello Dear Friends and welcome to 2019! The New Year brings new opportunities for healing and growth. Yet change can be challenging although the hoped for result may be very desired. Please enjoy the articles below as you contemplate positive change in 2019.

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Why Is It So Hard to Change?
By Dr. Diane Garrison
Psychologist, Women's Empowerment Coach
LCWC Clinic Director

"Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise, so I am changing myself." ― Rumi

The beginning of the New Year is a powerful time to set intentions for personal growth. But some 85% of New Year's Resolutions fail by the second week of January. Why is it so hard to create positive change in our lives?

We are, as humans, creatures of habit. We like feelings of safety and security and this locks us into our routines and habits. It takes a lot of effort to create lasting change (at least 30 days of consistent practice to begin to form a new habit). In a society of people who already have too much on their plate, that time and effort can seem daunting.

In addition, we often set goals based on the reasoning of our critical mind—"You should lose weight. You should exercise more." We also set goals based on the recommendations of others (doctors, spouses)—"You should stop smoking. You should eat better". As a professional observer of human behavior, I have noted that folks do not respond well to "should" and "musts". It feels controlling, whether it comes from our mind or other's recommendations, and we (and our inner teenager) automatically resist being controlled.

So how can we be more successful with our growth intentions?

  1. Take time to reflect, to meditate on what you truly desire to create in in your life. Tap into your inner wisdom and reflect upon the areas of your life which hold the most energy for transformation. It could be deepening or attracting love, expanding your prosperity, creating impact in your career, improving your health, or deepening your spirituality.
  1. Get some healthy support. Share with trusted others your intentions and ask for encouragement and even help with accountability. If you need professional guidance to reach you goals, know that you are worth it, and get the help.

  1. Know your change style. Do you work better with a professional guide/coach and a very specific, set program (e.g. sign up for exercise Boot Camp)? Do you prefer gradual, self-regulated change (e.g. start with walking 3 times a week and work up to joining a gym). Set your action steps based on your preferred change style.

  1. Be very patient and kind with yourself. Beating yourself up will not help you stick to your intentions (you have already tried being critical and it didn't work). Self-compassion, on the other hand, has been proven by research to be very beneficial.

I wish you great success in achieving your hearts desires and deepest yearnings.

If you would like some support in clarifying your intentions, join me on January 20th for "2019 Women's Visioning Circle". Information and registration is below.

Positive Food and Body Talk
Brittany Barker RD, CD
Registered Dietitian Nutritionist
Owner of Lake Country Nutrition Counseling


You hear it everywhere. "I'm starting a new diet." "I need to start eating healthy." "I hate how I look in a swim suit." As we all know, these discussions are normal in our society. It's normal to talk negatively about food and our bodies. But what if we didn't? What if we talked about our bodies with appreciation for what they do for us? What if we talked about how thankful we are for the energy food gives us? What if we looked at ourselves and others with admiration and not judgment? The way we talk about food and our bodies affects us more than we may think.

Negative food and body messages are difficult to escape, but knowing there is money to be made off our insecurities, it's certainly worth challenging them. The next time you are feeling bad about how your arms look, remember how your arms allow you to hug loved ones. Remember how your arms help you carry your children or grandchildren. The next time you are feeling guilty for eating ice cream or pizza, remember food is supposed to be enjoyed. Because when you make foods off limits, you will think about food more. Additionally, you are more likely to binge and overeat when you do not allow yourself to eat satisfying foods. And if you overeat less, you may even lose weight as a natural consequence. More importantly, you will undoubtedly create a better relationship with your body and food by making these changes.

Give it a try and see how it feels.

For more information about body positivity and the anti-diet approach to eating and health, see my website a

Making Changes That Stick!
By Stephanie Komen
Transformation Business & Brand Coach
Founder of Konnect Koncepts


Change is hard for a variety of reasons. I was inspired by an article on the 100X Method by Josh Spector that proposed mastering any skill it takes 100 practices. I put that theory to the test when I committed to write 100 new blogs; I wondered what would be possible for my writing if I took on the challenge to practice writing 100 times, I wondered if there was noticeable mastery after 100 practices, I was curious if the author was right that it only took 100 practice. I learned a lot in the challenge. Above all, I learned how to keep a commitment to myself, show up every either day balancing practice with an interstate move and self-care in the 98 days it took me to complete it. I'd like to share a few of the insights I have been able to harvest so far.

  • Make up your mind to see your goal through to completion
Mindset is the make or break factor in achieving what you set out to change. It doesn't matter if your goal is health, fitness, self-care, or cultivating new skills. If you don't change your mind set at the beginning, you will never see the changes in your outer life.
  • Set a horizon vision
My vision was a deeper commitment and my goal was in service to making my long-term deeper commitment to creating consistent content a reality. I could see myself being able to write everywhere; at the beach, on my couch, in the car on a road trip. I could feel my fingers fly while I enjoyed every environment, I could feel how easy it was to focus and let the words come through me, and I could feel what it was like to be free of all the excuses I used to make.
  • Make time for your commitment
I learned to prioritize my commitment and consciously make time for it first and worked the rest of what I needed to do around my priority. I invited a lot into my life at the same time but, kept the commitment as my highest priority every day.
  • Allow yourself to get better at your goal
Focus on your attention on what is working and allow yourself the luxury of getting better in service to your goal. The more I showed up the better I got, the more I was able to articulate my ideas, the more I was able to free my creative process.
  • Build support for yourself and your journey

Having an accountability partner or joining a community and being visible in your efforts is the biggest factor in creating lasting change. We cannot become our best selves by ourselves. I had an accountability group I joined on Facebook for the 100X blog commitment. Every day I posted an update about what I did or did not do and how it felt. I created a record of my process with other people on the path to change.

Creating lasting change really boils down to finding a rhythm and cultivating discipline to improving. It requires you to check in to see how it's going and recommitting to improving some more. Focus on moving the needle in the direction you want to go in, anchor your horizon vision in your heart and you will find your way if you set reasonable expectations to just keep getting better at it until you get there.

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January 20, 2109: Time to Register

January Visioning 2019 Women's Circle

The start of the new year is a potent time to set intentions and align with your greatest vision. If you're like most awakening women, you feel called to create many different things in your life, from deepening or attracting love to expanding your prosperity, creating influence and impact in your career, improving your health, and more.

By joining my
January Women's Visioning Circle, you'll discover the most potent Feminine Power Practices to connect with the areas of your life that are most "in season" for you to focus on in 2018.

My intention is to create a supportive space for women in my network to gather together and to vision their Year of Greatness!

During this special gathering, you'll be guided through a series of Feminine Power practices to create clarity & intention, and alignment.

As a result, you'll be supported to step forward into your greatest vision for the new year and tap into your Feminine Power, from which you can source even more creativity and support to manifest your greatest vision.

Come join me in a space for authentic connection and celebration on this special day!

Time/Date: Sunday, January 20, 1 to 3/3:30 p.m.

Place: Lake Country Wellness & Counseling
1177 Quail Court, Suite 203,
Pewaukee, WI 53072

Register Here: https://form.jotform.com/83498078157168


Call or email Dr. Diane at 262-547-9673 or dgarrisonphd@gmail.com with questions.

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You are a busy woman doing wonderful
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Yet do you feel a sense of dissatisfaction in your life?

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It's not your fault. You are not alone.

It's a challenging time to be a woman as we navigate our new freedoms in the work world with all our old responsibilities in the home. We internalize society's old expectations for us as caretakers and find it hard to prioritize our own self-care and yearning for fulfillment. Then we burnout...

There is a better way. There are powerful tools for connecting to yourself, your intuition, and others in deeply satisfying ways. These Feminine Power Practices will allow you to:

*Build that unshakeable, trusting relationship with yourself. Learn to become your own best friend.

*Identify and release those old stories, those repeating stuck patterns that block your forward movement.

*Connect with clarity to your intuition, your Inner Wisdom, to help you make decisions and meet the challenges in your life with more confidence.

* Tap into the power of group support and engage in rich "conversations that matter" with other Brilliant Women.

More information will be coming soon!
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