Happy New Year - Here's What 2019 Has in Store for the Sacred Spiral Academy!

Happy New Year Beautiful People!
We've got quite a bit to announce this month, with some exciting new changes (and faces) coming to the Sacred Spiral Academy - so this month's email is longer than normal. But, if you stick through it I promise it will be worth it!

I make it a point to practice what I preach, so I have to get super vulnerable with all of you today. Back in November, I had a bit of a health scare. It was completely unexpected, caught me off guard, and shoved me into disharmony. But, as I tell all of you, your challenges are your teachers, and I am absolutely no different. As my day-to-day took on a very different energy, and I focused on not thinking too far into the future, I started to see the lesson this teacher was giving me:

Life is about the ebb and flow. More specifically, it's about learning how to not fight the flow, because with flow often comes change.

For me, this meant letting the people that care about me support me through the process of my healing, and letting them hold space while I worked through the fear. It also meant (and continues to mean) giving myself permission to grow and serve all of you in the ways I'm called to.

My biggest dream has always been to give my students everything they need to live out their life purpose. This means that services at the Academy will continue to reflect and be in alignment with the movement it is creating.

Megan and Michelle have been receiving outstanding reviews from everyone they've read for. It's about time they become official Academy readers. They are now available for remote and in-person readings. You can read all about them HERE.

This also means that I will no longer be doing regularly scheduled Spirit Guided Readings (Tarot) or Sacred Spiral Ultimate Treatments. Not only are Megan and Michelle incredibly gifted individuals who have proven themselves more than ready to take over readings at the Academy, I must also honor my part in continuing this movement and focus more of my time and energy on mentoring and coaching. (Please note, for anyone with a reading or Ultimate Treatment currently scheduled for this week, your appointment will be honored as is scheduled.)

I will, however, still be doing "pop-up" reading days. Keep an eye out for an announcement for those days throughout the year.

Starting January 11, Sacred Energy Healing sessions will offer a redesigned, expanded format. Sessions will be a more immersive, deeper, and ultimately, more healing and expansive experience for you. I have added new elements to these sessions that I've come to recognize as crucial to an individual's spiritual and energetic journey.

This also means added time to each session so we have the space to honor all of your needs. Sessions will now run 1.5 - 2 hours for new guests and 1-1.5 hours for returning guests. You can read more about these expanded reiki offering HERE. (Please note, for anyone with a healing treatment or Ultimate Treatment currently scheduled for this week, your appointment will be honored as is scheduled and at the current price structure.)

There aren't words to tell you how I am excited to share this new year with you, and to support you in these new expansive ways!

And because I know many of you will want to know that I'm okay, please hear my reassurance that I am healthy and well. No diagnosis will ever change that. I am surrounded by immense love and support, and by people who remind me of that every day.

Sending gobs and gobs of love and excitement your way -

Service Changes

As mentioned above, you'll see changes to the Sacred Spiral Academy service offerings starting this month. Below is a quick highlight of the updated services:

Tarot Readings with Megan & Michelle
One Hour Readings $65
Traditional one-hour, in-person or online, tarot readings. Schedule your reading with Megan or Michelle now!

(Please note, for anyone with a reading or Ultimate Treatment currently scheduled with Bobbi through 1/10, your appointment will be honored as is scheduled at the pre-existing rate.)
Click Here to Book Your Reading!

Sacred Energy Healing Sessions with Bobbi
(Starting January 11)
New Guest Session: $120
Returning Guests $90

(Please note, for anyone with a healing treatment or Ultimate Treatment currently scheduled for this week, your appointment will be honored as is scheduled and at the current price structure.)
Click Here to Schedule Your Session

What does the new session format look like? 
For new guests, the first session with Bobbi will start with an in-depth look at all aspects of your life, focusing on areas that you struggle with or feel out of balance. This will help Bobbi understand how your energy flows, or how it is blocked.

This will be followed by a full energetic assessment and a full energy treatment. At the end of your session, Bobbi will discuss her findings with you, provide recommendations and suggest a custom plan-of-action to keep you in alignment and powerfully centered. Every new guest will go home with a copy of their customized plan. Available in-person and remotely.

Please note, returning guests are not required to go through a new guest session to continue seeing Bobbi, however, you could greatly benefit from the new format and customized plan.

Welcome Katelyn of Roots Acupuncture!

If you've visited the Sacred Spiral Academy or booked an appointment recently, you may have seen a new logo and name in the mix. We are excited to announce Katelyn of Roots Acupuncture has joined us in our new office! Read on below to learn more about Katelyn and the services she offers!

Katelyn R. Michals, L.Ac, MSOM has been working 1:1 with patients in the Greater Milwaukee Area since 2008; providing acupuncture services, herbal medicine, and wellness coaching, all while gently reminding each person she meets of the innate wellness that already resides within them.

Katelyn also practices Mind-Body Medicine - a revolutionary method for reducing and eliminating chronic pain and symptoms. She is certified through SIRPA (Stress Illness Recovery Practitioner's Association) and has studied under Dr. Howard Schubiner, Alan Gordon, LCSW (Pain Psychology Center), and Georgie Oldfield (of SIRPA). She has a special focus on uncovering the long-term effects of trauma and psychological stress on the physical body and caters her treatments and coaching sessions to fit this model. 

She is available to do in-person sessions for 
both modalities and offers online sessions for her mind-body coaching work. She is absolutely thrilled to be a part of the Sacred Spiral Academy, and is looking forward to bringing spiritual elements into her mind-body work!
Schedule an Appointment with Katelyn

Upcoming Events

January 26: Mandala Meditation Art Class

April 25-28: Door County Retreat

Keep an eye out for additional emails with complete information!

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