Deborah Lighthart, Intuitive Reader + Energy Healer

Deborah Lighthart
Intuitive Tarot Reader
+ Energy Healer
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"I need some help but how do I know what to choose?
or Who to trust?  What kind of services are available?
Why do I need them?  Where do I find them?"
I struggled with these questions (and many more!) as I began my own personal healing process. Finding the right body-mind-spirit practitioner can be a challenge and I'd like to make it a little easier for you by recommending practitioners that I know and love.  I have worked with them personally and feel that they offer a high quality product or service. Feel free to reach out to them yourself. Ask questions. See if they might be the right fit for the next step in your journey. And, as always, please don't hesitate to reach out if you need anything. Happy Healing! 
Love, Deborah