Live Event: A Circle of Angels

Connect with your Soul through making beauty by hand.


Hi The Healing Community,

The holidays are arriving! I wish you all the blessings you can handle ; )
This is a great time of year to make something, and here's why:
Years ago, as I was learning to hand spin my own yarn, I realized I was experiencing the same meditative state that I had been trained in much earlier through Transcendental Meditation with my own mantra. Only I was not practicing that TM meditation. I had left it behind.
We can experience a deep inner quiet when we engage in hand making practices, and this is probably a major reason why we create and craft by hand, whether it is wood working, weaving, hand spinning, painting, drawing, coloring, cooking...
To slow down, to make something beautiful with your own hands from a design that somehow comes through your own mind, is a way to open your connection and experience your oneness with your Higher Self, your Soul, and the beautiful, supportive Beings that surround you.
While in grad school and writing my dissertation, I stopped doing these things. I thought I did not have enough time. I was probably right ; ) But now, I am making time again to be creative in these slow ways of working by hand.
So these workshops that you see, integrating hand crafting something beautiful with your hands while opening your mind to your inner guidance, will enhance your intuition, your inner knowing, in ways you can't even imagine!
If you can't join me, join with others wherever you are - or even carry on by yourself - and take some time to make something beautiful with your hands - whatever you have been wanting to do - and let the spirit move you ; )
Here's my latest in-person workshop - last one for the year:


Come join me on the Coast!
A Circle of Angels
With Dr. Mary Baxter

Saturday December 1 from 10:30 AM – 1 PM
Emerging Space Greenhouse in Pardini's Nursery
401 Prospect Way in Pillar Point Harbor
In this workshop we will each fashion a gorgeous Angel to adorn our homes with grace and protection always. I have usually made these around the holidays, often to find them hanging in homes all year- round! I will show you how to give your Angel her ethereal form with cloud-like fiber. Then you will adorn her with treasures from my stash – incredibly soft fabrics, ribbons, beads, feathers and gems.
While in meditation, as we create these beautiful representations of the Angelic Realm, we will connect with the Angels that surround us and learn some beautiful ways to enhance our communication with them.
No previous experience is needed.
Registration is $45 and includes all tools and materials.
Please register in advance here:

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