Happy Holidays! My present for you inside ; )

Practical Intuition Online Training


Hi The Healing Community

I am so excited for the holidays!!! Who knew I am this Nona!?! Life is so full of surprises ; ) I just love it and am eternally grateful to the guidance that has brought me to this beautiful moment in my life:

Practical Intuition

We have an immediate and reliable connection to our inner guidance, our wisdom, our souls, our higher selves. This is absolutely true.

Let me teach you how in this live Zoom training where you will meet others who also want this essential, life enhancing skill.

Your Gift:

Join me next Monday, December 10, at 3 PM Pacific time online. Use this link to accept: Free Online Practical Intuition Training with Dr. Mary.

Looking forward to seeing you there.

And if you aren't sure you can make it, but would still like to see the training, go ahead and register. That way you will receive a recording.

I am so shy...can hardly believe I am doing this! I won't put it off anymore - it is my mission ; )

Sending Love,

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