Deep Peace to You

Gratitude at Thanksgiving


Deep Peace

A Gaelic Blessing

Happy Thanksgiving The Healing Community~
I am so thankful that the air has cleared here from the devastating Camp Fire that destroyed Paradise, California. As I woke this morning to freshly falling rain - which has also been very rare here on the ocean in Half Moon Bay - I thought of this Gaelic blessing:
Deep Peace
of the running wave to you
Deep Peace
of the flowing air to you
Deep Peace
of the quiet earth to you
Deep Peace
Of the shining stars to you
Deep Peace
Of the gentle night to you
Moon and stars
Pour their healing light on you
Deep Peace to you

As a holiday gift to you, please join me for a live training on Practical Intuition. We will meet on Zoom on Monday, December 10 at 3 PM - 4 PM Pacific time (5 PM Central, 6 PM Eastern). I will send you a link 15 minutes before the training. I will also send a reminder early in December - coming right up ; )
Sending love,
Dr. Mary

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