A Holiday Message from Bobbi at the Sacred Spiral Academy

Happy Holidays Academy Family!!
Clients, students, and friends have all asked me the same question: "Bobbi, what's the point of all this?"

"This" being all the twists of 2018 that brought deep, profound breakthroughs to many, and to the vast majority of the spiritual community. As I'm sure you can attest to, we traversed the depths of our dark and twisty, and also felt the immensity of our personal power.

All of "this," the periods of alignment and struggle of 2018, is setting the stage for a collective shift of consciousness. I've felt this strongly in the last couple of months, and even more potently in the last couple of weeks. The spiritual and energetic workers of the world are getting their call to action, to raise their vibration and harmonize with their essence. How do you know if you got the call this year? During the past 11 months, have you:
  • Gone through intense ups and downs?
  • Drudged up some old past hurts that you had buried long ago?
  • Continued to experience the same struggle as past years, but were able to find your personal power through it - even though it was likely more intense?
  • Became increasingly unhappy and impatient with any part of your life that doesn't feel good – like a job you don't love, or a relationship you knew wasn't right?
  • Got REALLY sick or injured yourself frequently?
  • Experienced your intuition or spiritual gifts in a particularly profound, maybe even uncontrollable, way?
  • Reached new depths with your spiritual gifts?
If any of these ring true, you're getting the call to action, Love. Almost every spiritual and energetic worker goes through this intense period of purging everything that's keeping their vibration low, so that on the other side of it, they can align more deeply to their life mission.

And now it's your turn.

To make this process easier for yourself, I encourage you to close any open 2018 loops. Any unfinished projects, lingering conversations, bucket list items, unpaid bills, or anything else that is meant to stay in the 2018 chapter of your life, close the loop this month. Give yourself the clean slate going into 2019, and honor yourself by releasing the things that have been keeping your vibration low.

And know that I have your back, every step of the way.

With gobs and gobs of love, support, and reverence –

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