Crystal Healing Grid 11.11-11.17.2018

With peacock ore at the center, this grid was designed to help you to embrace the beauty within you, to allow that beauty to be shared with the world and to appreciate all aspects of yourself and your life.

Spirit's message this week is: "Everything about you is preciously worthy. You deserve to be loved, not for what you do, but for who you are. Your wounds deserve healing. Your anger deserves to be heard. Your sadness deserve comfort. Your hand deserves to be held. Your dreams deserve to live. Your light deserves to shine. You deserve to be celebrated and honored for the challenges you've overcome and the struggles you've endured. You deserve to prosper. To be honored. To be cherished. To be adored. In the right elements, your true beauty is revealed. Call to you those elements now. Call closer the people who appreciate you. Who uplift you. Call closer the light of the Divine. The Beloved. The force of Oneness that created the Universe. Call closer that infinite love and let it fill you. Let it fuel you. You deserve it in every cell of your being. Just breathe it in."

Blessings of Love and Light to you,
Deborah Lighthart