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Ease Joint Pain with Yoga & Aromatherapy
Sat, Oct 6th

According to Webster dictionary; "Pain is the physical, mental, and/or emotional suffering caused by disease, injury, &/or trauma, that is characterized by physical discomfort." Therefore, it will be reasonable to say that physical (muscle, joint pain) and emotional pain go hand in hand.
Attendees will learn, during times of pain, how we can tap into the healing power of nature, using Essential Oils through Aromatherapy, which is the art and science of therapeutically using essential oils to alleviate a variety of ailments. The second part of the session will be a gentle chair yoga class facilitated by Rebecca, to bring healthy movement into the joints and promote ease in mobility and healing. 
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The 5 Reiki Principles of Reiki for Life
Sun, Oct 21st

Usui Sensei taught five simple principles to support Reiki healing. These principles help to open our energy system so that the Spiritually Guided Life Force Energy flows easily and abundantly.  As we practice them our spiritual path will move accordingly.
This workshop is for anyone interested in Reiki at any level. Reiki is a gentle and powerful healing method. It is also a commitment to personal and spiritual alignment growth. Living the five core principles reinforces Reiki's subtle energy healing: it heals wounded self-esteem and builds healthy self-respect; it demonstrates the creative power of a positive attitude; and it presents a way to peace.

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Demystifying Sun Salutation A
Sun, Oct 28th

Challenged by Chaturanga? Uptight about Updog? Is your 'hop' to the top of your mat more like a 'flop'?
Sun Salutation A (Surya Namaskar A) is the most common Vinyasa flow sequence you will find in a yoga class. Given the repetition, if done without mindful alignment based upon our current condition, this sequence could cause more harm than good. So it's worth the time to find the best alignment for yourself, creating stability and comfort in mind and body to avoid potential injuries. In addition, for those who have a solid foundation, there are also ways you can make the sun salutation more challenging.  In this workshop we will break down the asana alignment of Sun Salutation A, incorporate our ujjayi breath and create a flowing movement sure to brighten the sun of our soul!
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