To Detox, or not to Detox....that is the question. 

To Detox, or not to Detox....that is the question
What if Hamlet would have considered detoxing, would the ending of his story been different?
Have you been curious about detoxification, or just downright confused? Everyone seems to have a detox program that is the best thing ever!  Juice cleanses, group detoxes, liver cleanses, fasting, colon cleanses, powdered drink mixes, and more! I'm sure you can add a few more to this list.  Then there is Ayurveda and their cleanses….especially the mystery of PanchaKarma!

What is a person to do??? How do you know if a detox program is right for you?  Are you ready? Let me help with three insights.


Spa Specials
Tandem Abhyanga - A One of a Kind Experience

Imagine letting go of your stresses while four hands work in synchronized movements during this one of a kind body therapy.  Using richly infused herbal oils, two practitioners work in tandem, creating an experience of deep relaxation and nurturing. Seal in the benefits with a steam bath to absorb the beneficial oils.

Schedule your Tandem Abhyanga today!

Available on Wednesdays, 3:30-5:30pm.
Cal 262-893-1757 to schedule.

Chakra Balancing Treatment with Uma Bagadia
Saturday, September 22nd
9am - 3pm

Available this Saturday - Chakra Balancing Therapy, helps clear the mind, open the energy centers (chakras), balances the body to a higher vibration, and rejuvenates you physically & mentally. Uma will apply energy work and essential oil blend with affirmation starting from 1st energy center (Root Chakra) and finishing with the 7th energy center (Crown Chakra). ​
What are people saying about the experience? 
"Thanks again for Uma, it was very special. She has great healing abilities that will continue to expand over time and more practice with her energy etc. Her aromatherapy knowledge is very good."
Regular price $175 per 90 minute session.
Save $20 on your first session.

Please call to schedule.  262-893-1757

Monthly Event

Gong Bath
Sunday September 30th
4pm - 5pm 

Let the universal vibration of the gong wash over you. Heal, quiet & center your body, mind & spirit. 
Start your week off right with this relaxing and blissful hour. Bring what makes you comfortable: mat, blanket, pillow.

Blissfully priced at $15 when you prepay.  $20 at the door. 
Pre-register here!

LOCATION: 10345 N Port Washington Road, Lower Level, Mequon

Special Event
                        12 Spots Left!

Are you feeling it in the air?  The change of seasons is again upon us.  The shifts in the winds, shorter days and cooler nights.  The kids getting ready to go back to school and fall sweaters are on display at the mall.  This is the early hints of fall and winter.

I don't know about you, but I'm not a big fan of cold winters.  Having a retreat to a warm destination to dream about keeps me warm and moving through the season.

In 2018, we attempted to escape the winter blahs and head to the House of Bliss, 
Villa Ananda, an Ayurvedic resort just north of Puerto Vallarta.  Though it didn't happen, we are not giving up on our dream to return to Villa Ananda in 2019!

Ever since I spent a couple of days at Villa Ananda in 2017, I've dreamed of going back. The place is nothing short of breath taking.  Seriously!  I walked through the front door and my jaw dropped!  Then, to sit at breakfast overlooking the ocean to watch for whales to come up for air....who wouldn't dream about that!

Our Retreat in 2019 is for Finding Bliss: An Ocean of Bliss awaits YOU!  During your week with us, you will reconnect with your inner bliss, which can get lost in everyday living.  We will share many ways to find that bliss and how to recapture it everyday when you return home.  Here is what you will experience: 

  • Set your intentions and connect with others during the Opening Fire ceremony
  • Open your heart center with daily guided yoga along the beach 
  • Create a state of balance and bliss with Ayurveda self care techniques that can be used everyday, everywhere 
  • Release tension and blockages with a complimentary spa treatment
  • Be awed by the graceful, gentle giants who live in the ocean during our private whale watching trip
  • Feed your soul with healthy ayurvedic meals and cooking demonstrations 
  • Reflect on your day with panoramic sunsets as you walk the beach, journal or rest under a palm tree. 
  • Fall asleep to sounds of the ocean, a lullaby to your soul with each crashing wave 
  • Celebrate your renewed connection with inner bliss as you sing from the heart during a closing kirtan held at sunset on the beach

We will be hosting this very intimate retreat for only 14 guests (12 SPOTS LEFT) during the week of March 23 - March 30th, 2019.  You can learn more at our website, by joining the Facebook Group and retreat email.

We want you to as excited about the trip as Kathleen Wright of 
Garden of Yoga and I!  We available to answer your questions about the retreat.  Please respond back to this message with questions or requests for more information.

Also, if you have a friend or family member who might be interested in attending, please feel free to forward this message to them.  
Sign up for your opportunity to join us.  

Bliss awaits you....

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