Shiny Humans

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Shiny Humans
Are you incorporating ALL OF YOU into your life? The masculine AND the feminine? Do you ever think about which parts of you are being held back? For example for me, as a woman, I used to think there was a particular way a woman SHOULD show up.

My strength, outspokenness and determination were NOT part of that equation. I realized that to truly incorporate all of me didn't mean I was a bitch or hostile, or that I wasn't a good and loving person. It just meant I was taking action with all of who I am. Those that couldn't hear me, well, it wasn't my business to shout anymore.

Male or female – I'm sure you can imagine what those pieces are for you. I recently made this inquiry with my FaceBook family and the responses demonstrated that there is a bottom line of peace and freedom that comes with this integration practice. Here are some of the things both men and women said about integrating: [Read more...]
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