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Hello Dear Friends and welcome to the September Newsletter! Fall is here. The kids have gone back to school and now is a great time to focus on your own self-care and personal development--"Me School".

This newsletter is devoted to helping you improve your relationship with your self, to create that positive, honoring bond that will give you the confidence and courage to share your gifts and talents in the world in deeply satisfying ways. So check out the articles, the upcoming events, and the books.Feed yourself Mind-Body-Spirit -Emotion.

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Why Is It So Hard To Learn To Love Me?
By Dr. Diane Garrison
Psychologist, Women's Empowerment Coach
LCWC Clinic Director

Self-love is a concept we have all heard of and want to embrace: building that positive, honoring relationship that creates self-worth and self-confidence. Yet for most of us, it is not yet a reality and when we try to work on it, it is a hard to do. It can feel like we are sabotaging our own progress. But why?

Although you are the only one who can do the work to create self-love, it is the well-entrenched values and expectations of our society that produces many of the barriers to naturally developing this positive relationship with self (versus your own personal weakness).

For women, there is deep cultural programming that is 1000's of years old. We have been raised to believe that it is our primary job to take care of others and this belief exists at a deep unconscious level. Our conscious mind tells us we have a right to quality education and a fulfilling career. But then we get home and feel a strong responsibility to create a good life for our family, our kids. However, there is only so much of us to go around. Our self-care and self-development often gets placed at the bottom of our "To Do" list. The thought of creating time for me can even produce feelings of guilt, not exactly the right conditions for developing self-love.

Next is our culture's general religious programming (whether you belong to a formal faith tradition or not). The message is that we are basically selfish and sinful creatures and only by working hard to be of service to others, can we be pleasing to God. We are to be humble and self-effacing and the thought of being called selfish terrifies us. Yet, developing self-love requires owning our strengths and worth, and becoming our own cheerleader. Do you see the conflict here?

The third barrier is our society's extreme external focus which encourages us to be Human Doings rather than Human Beings. We are over stimulated and over committed, busy all the time. Even when we are sitting down, we are busy connecting to our devices, checking out social media and catching up on the latest trends.

Building self-love is an inside job that requires patience and quiet reflection. Yet we are so unfamiliar with the practice of going inward, of meditation and self-reflection, that the thought of attempting it can create anxiety. "Can I even do it?" "What old pain will I find there?" "Will uncovering those old wounds drive me crazy?"

While tuning into your inner depths will certainly uncover some old pain, it will also allow you to cultivate inner peace and connect to your inner wisdom, which in turn will assist you to transform and release the old negative beliefs about self. I am speaking from my own personal experience here dear friends. I have done this work.

To summarize, developing a loving, compassionate relationship with self requires spending quality time with your inner world. To do this, you need to put yourself on your schedule and cultivate a new mindset of "I count, I matter". This takes practice and patience. Because of our deep cultural programming, we may feel like we are swimming upstream. But the effort will produce rich rewards…becoming your own Best Friend.

Read on for more inspiration and ideas.

If you are ready to begin your journey to self-love, join me on September 16 or 22 for a Free Discovery Session to explore the upcoming 8-week Women's Empowerment Course: The Full Power Process. More information is below.

Healing Hope: Creating Your Own Life Map
By Stephanie Komen
Transformation Business & Brand Coach
Founder of Konnect Koncepts

I have had more than my fair share of bad things happen and have unwittingly attracted more than my fair share of bad people who tried to leave me broken, scarred and discarded.

Life is not fair, in my experience it is far less fair to the strong. I believe God doesn't give you anything you can't handle, that doesn't make it suck less unfortunately.

It hurts to find out how strong you are, it's ok to ask why me or what did I do to deserve this because there are a few experiences that will rock you to your core and the questions will come.

But, the thing is life does go on, you do heal, you do grow, you do learn from experience. Life is about how you choose to show up IN SPITE OF what has happened in your story. YOU ARE NOT AND NEVER WILL BE WHAT HAPPENS TO YOU, not ever. You are what you choose to become anyway, despite the detours, flat tires, wrong turns, bad luck, poor judgment or whatever curve ball caught you off guard. It doesn't mean anything about you.

When bad people happen to good people it has everything to do with them and nothing to do with you.

Today I am a woman who amazes herself on a daily basis. You can't see the 6 year old who lost her mom; the girl who was raped on multiple occasions by different men; the suicide attempts; or my mental illness (on most days.) The bad days I do have aren't so terrible in the grand scheme of things, and like everyone else I'm entitled to have a bad day every now and again, so are you. Life will smooth over the rough edges, wash away the pain sooner or later and give you sunshine, butterflies and rainbows again.

I won't lie, my road was longer than I wanted it to be and I probably made it a whole lot harder than it ever needed to be by believing I had to go through all of this alone because no one else could or would understand. I think I hit almost every pot hole, sink hole and dead end possible along the way.

The funny thing is that standing on this side (which I never thought would be possible) I wouldn't change anything really. The people who hurt me didn't break me and I love myself deeply for the journey to the life I live today.


Stephanie Komen is a transformational business and branding coach, facilitator, health advocate, speaker and writer who is passionate about changing the way we relate to work and success by helping clients focus on harmony and balance in life and business. She is a tireless advocate for women's health and mental health causes. You can reach here at:

Crafting Your Personal Power Statements
By Dr. Diane Garrison
Psychologist, Women's Empowerment Coach
LCWC Clinic Director

One of the pillars of building self-love is the practice of self-affirmations. Most of us have a very healthy inner self-critic, which is beating us up on a regular basis. We don't try to do it. The voice springs forth automatically. The remedy is purposeful, mindful self talk: becoming your own cheerleader during challenging time, praising your accomplishments, and practicing daily power statements.

Crafting a meaningful power statement is a very nurturing and empowering process. Choose a stuck pattern, an old story/false belief you are seeking to transform. For example one of my old false beliefs is "I am all alone. You really can't count on anyone so I better just do it my self." Then write a very bold, very spiritual statement that epitomizes what you hope to achieve, your loving end goal. Mine is:

"I am a beloved child of God and a valued member of the tribe. I am not alone. I came here to love and be loved and I have the power to create deep and meaningful connections with others."

Here are some other examples for you to use as guides or to adopt as your own.

I am a powerful, loving presence on the planet and have meaningful contributions to make.

Life is for me and life is wonderful.

I honor and accept all parts of me. I count. I care deeply about my own happiness and satisfaction and prioritize my own well-being in life.

I celebrate the wonder of life and all of its abundance. I am deeply grateful for all that I have and profoundly appreciate all that I am.

I am open to receiving love, support, and appreciation from others. I trust others to be there for me. I share my needs and desires in ways that inspire others to fulfill them.

I trust me. My feelings, needs, and desires are valid and essential to my own well-being as well as the well-being of others. I live in an abundant Universe. My needs and desires are not too great for God.

I am here to express love and compassion, to myself and to others.

I take a stand to align myself with the goodness and holiness of life and the creative power of God and all the Universe. All of life is organizing around my success.

I trust in God's unconditional love and presence (in good times and bad), and commit to honoring this creative impulse in me and all of life.

I am a fit and strong woman--beautiful inside and out.

Say your power statement many times each day, silently and out loud. Write it on a post-it note and place it on the refrigerator, your computer, your bathroom mirror. Make it your daily mantra and just feel the power and healing. It really works.

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It's not your fault. You are not alone.

It's a challenging time to be a woman as we navigate our new freedoms in the work world with all our old responsibilities in the home. We internalize society's old expectations for us as caretakers and find it hard to prioritize our own self-care and yearning for fulfillment. Then we burnout...

There is a better way. There are powerful tools for connecting to yourself, your intuition, and others in deeply satisfying ways. These Feminine Power Practices will allow you to:

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Join Dr. Diane Garrison for this exploration of a powerful workshop series designed to assist you to move from Functional to Fabulous. Learn what you can gain, as well as how the group will be structured (time commitment, cost, expectations). Come share where you feel most stuck and what you long to create in your life with a group of like-minded sisters.

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