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         Free Introduction to a Powerful Workshop Series:                   The Full Power Process: From Functional to Fabulous
You're a busy woman with a complex life doing wonderful things every day.
Yet…you feel a sense of dissatisfaction in your life, like something is still missing. 
You may have already done important self-work: the books, the yoga, the nutrition…
Still… you yearn for a sense of fulfillment and connection.
You are not alone!

Are you ready to move to the next level and learn to:

*Build that unshakeable, trusting relationship with yourself. Learn to become your own best friend.

*Identify and release those old repeating stuck patterns that block your forward movement. 

*Connect to your intuition, your inner wisdom, to help you make decisions and meet the challenges in your life with more confidence

*Tap into the power of group support to help you transform your life.

Join Dr. Diane Garrison for this exploration of a new workshop series designed to assist you to move from functional to fabulous.  Learn what you can gain, as well as how the group will be structured (time commitment, cost, expectations).  Come share where you feel most stuck and what you long to create in your life with a group of like-minded sisters.

It's time to put You on your own schedule!

When:   Saturday, Septmeber22, from 10 to 12:00 p.m.

Where:  Lake Country Wellness & Counseling
               1177 Quail Court, Suite 203
               Pewaukee, WI  53072  

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                  Call Dr. Diane at 262-547-9673 
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