The Kiddie Pool vs. The Ocean

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The Kiddie Pool vs. The Ocean
I've been having a lot of fun lately with clients who are in the midst of making big decisions. My focus is always to get them to gain the confidence they need so they're willing and able to do what needs to be done, in their own way, with their own shining brilliance.

Making a decision creates an action – period! In Module Four: The Kiddie Pool vs. The Ocean, we learn an entire decision-making process and then take action. I call this module the kiddy pool vs. the ocean because in the kiddy pool you know your way around, you see your edges, it's shallow and it has very specific boundaries. It's safe.

If you're feeling like the kiddy pool is a little too confining for you and you're getting the "Is that all there is?" feeling, then it's probably time for you to jump into the wide, vast and deep ocean. [Read more...]
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