Forty Clients and Another Man

Forty Clients and Another Man
I'm going to say a tradition has started between a dear friend and I, although it's only the second year. It's silly, really, to say that blocking off a full weekday needs to become a tradition so that we take advantage of the beautiful ocean in Rhode Island. But if you've never been, there's definitely something magical about placing yourself in front of the massive expanse of the Atlantic Ocean on a hot summer day. The cool east coast water will shock your system, and then refresh you like nothing else!

Whenever I am in need of a reset, I must go to the water. Not just any water, it must be salty; and I must dive under it. Maybe because it always feels like a major challenge that I can get through and feel courageous. The pay off – the awakening it brings – cures just about everything.

But something happened that we can't and don't need to explain because "it worked" the first time, and I dare say it's going to work again. Last year, at our First Annual Beach Outing, we noted that women were in groups, but the men were always with a woman. [Read more...]
NEW OFFER: When your energy is super high, you know you're doing something right. Coaching in the RightLife RuleBook groups is such a blast, and my energy is off the charts!

I love teaching and sharing coaching in all its forms. It's second nature to me. SO - I decided to add more groups.

I am opening up more groups of six so I can walk with you through the RightLife RuleBook process. When you work with me you'll be able focus on your desires and the creation of your RightLife. Contact me, and let's get you on board.
LG Coaching focuses on guiding clients into the life they reeeally want, not the one they think they're supposed to have. Offering RightLife RuleBook and 21st Century Leadership, LG guides individuals and businesses to their highest potential.

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