Dealing With Imperfect Humans in Your Workday

This week in RightLife-making, one of the groups focused on their hurdles with money, and budgeting for their dreams. Which statement resonates with you?
There will never be enough
There will always be more
The one you choose says a lot about your own money story. It creates a foundation for competition or collaboration, suspicion or trust, and avoiding change or embracing it. Have you thought about your own money story? Are you grasping tightly or using it for joy? Join RightLife RuleBook and learn how to use your money to build your dreams. If you want to talk, I'd love to chat!
Dealing With Imperfect Humans in Your Workday
Last week, I wrote a really long post about two clients and their corporate stories. They were both separately caught in the crossfire. They worked at two different companies that they ultimately left. And each experienced very peculiar circumstances. I tried my best to maintain their confidentiality. I changed their names and roles; but the stories, I must admit, were a bit crazy. There was no way to shield the bazaar behaviors they encountered....

Why am I telling you this? First, because one story seemed so outrageous, but then there were two. This told me something strange was happening. Second, I learned a few things from these executive clients that might help you at work today. [Read more...]
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