Wisconsin Event: Health & Wellness with Tally + Book Signing!


Bring Your Life Into Balance:
Manifest Optimum Health and Well-being!

Join Tally Hayden on July 22nd to learn how to manifest and create health & wellness in your life, and get your SIGNED copy of Women Who Inspire, Tally's co-authored, best-selling book!

Hi Healing Community,
  • Are you experiencing ailments?
  • Have you recovered from a serious illness and have fear that it will return?
  • Do you feel your immune system isn't doing its job?
  • Do you catch colds, have allergies, experience anxiety or depression?
  • Is extra weight bringing you down
  • Are you fed up of feeling tired?
If you answered yes to any of these questions, then this presentation is a must-attend. I am co-author of "Women Who Inspire", Life and Business Coach, and an expert at helping womyn connect with their power within, and I will be sharing my tried and tested methods for creating a healthier, happier and more fulfilling life. I have my own personal story about the power these tools had in my life that changed my life dramatically—and can be a game changer for you too.

At this event I will be sharing key tools from my Health and Wellness Manifesting Ritual. To include:

  • Understanding the power of mindset to create perfect health and total wellness
  • Key ingredients for successful health and wellness—be inspired for change
  • An easy way to connect yourself to your flow to discover your inner power for wellness
  • Three key tools to connect to your power within to create a health and wellness mindset lifestyle
  • Bonus gift: Receive a free eGuide called "Manifesting Your Life: 5 Do's and Dont's"

Don't miss attending the "Women Who Inspire" Book Signing!
After the event I will be doing a book signing for my co-authored #1 best-selling book "Women Who Inspire". This book is a collection of over 20 inspirational stories to fuel your soul's deepest desires, authentic truth and divine purpose. You will have the opportunity to purchase the book at a discounted event rate and be even further inspired!

I was recently featured in MKE Magazine June issue Book Roundup for my book. CLICK HERE for details!


Tally is a business consultant, lifestyle coach, published international columnist, wellness advocate, sales trainer, #1 best selling author and professional speaker. A lover of nature and sunsets, Tally was born and raised in Alaska. Her tenacious, loving spirit as a purposepreneur helps people connect to their...

Kim M. Filkins is licensed by the state of Wisconsin as a practitioner of acupuncture and she is recognized by the National Certification Commission of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine. She first studied traditional Chinese medicine at Yo San University in Los Angeles, California and then...

Seats are limited so don't delay! Reserve your spot today for my free event, "Manifesting Health and Wellness with Tally Hayden"!

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