We start on Monday!

Hi Healing Community,
My birthday is next week and I'm hoping I can spend some time with you!  I'm working hard to give you so much value and insight along with the tools and confidence to make great leaps in creating a life you don't need to escape from.

My 5-day Permission to Be YOU is starting on Monday, July 16.  Click here to register

Here are the details again:
  • It's 5 days of self-discovery to align with your purpose and passions that speak to your soul. 
  • This FREE week-long event is focused on giving yourself permission to take off your masks and get real with yourself (and the world) about who you are meant to be. 
  • Give yourself this opportunity to step into your deeper truth.  This is the place to share who you truly are and give yourself permission to shine more brightly.
So many transformations and insights will take place in the Permission to Be YOU challenge.  Yours can be one of them!

Remember, you don't have to wait for "someday…" to live life your way. Someday starts today - the moment you say YES to yourself. 

Join us - we start in just a few days!

Much love,

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