The Wellness Fair Updates July 2018

Latest Updates

  • RSVP to the October 27th Wellness Fair is now available
  • Tickets for The Speakers Jam go on sale August 1st, very limited seating goes to those who pre-register on Eventbrite. Standing room available to general admission as room and availability allows.
  • Join our NEW Meetup GroupThe Health & Wellness Community as another way to learn about our 30+ events a year.
  • Starting in 2019, The Monthly Wellness Mixers will be in one location on the 3rd Thursday of every month in the evening for all to attend
  • We no longer have a business directory on our website as you may have already noticed
  • We're in talks with numerous international wellness organizations to collaborate and use their business directory for our purposes - stay tuned!
  • We're going to be adding two extra events a month to connect wellness professionals with corporate professionals. This group is called, Health & Wellness Network of Commerce (HWNCC). Details below.
  • Our Premier Sponsor, Authorpreneur Academy, has given us permission to give the first few people who enroll a special discount on their new program - if you want to publish a book, this is what you need. Apply Today!
  • FREE REPORT "29 Tips to Healthier Living"

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July 2018 Email Contents

Monthly Tidbits
  • Actionable Wellness Tip of the Month
  • Joke of the Month
  • Recommended Book of the Month
  • Video of the Month
  • The Book
  • The Magazine
  • Get Active
  • Media Kit
  • Offer from our Sponsor, Authorpreneur Academy
Upcoming Events
  • The Health & Wellness Network of Commerce (HWNCC-SEWI)
  • The Monthly Wellness Mixer
  • The Speakers Jam
  • The Wellness Fair

Actionable Wellness Tip of the Month

Ride your bike more this summer. Instead of driving, taking the bus, or calling Uber/Lyft, try biking instead. Doing so will give you more exercise throughout the day while you're getting to where you need to go. Walking works too!

Joke of the Month

Why aren't koalas actual bears?
They don't meet the koalaifications

Recommended Book of the Month

The Telomere Effect: A Revolutionary Approach to Living Younger, Healthier, Longer
By Dr. Elizabeth Blackburn​
Purchase on Amazon

Video of the Month

A Special Technique for our Health & Wellness
Video by: Dr. Howard Chen | TEDx
Watch on YouTube

The Book

Natural & Organic Healing: The Ultimate Guide to Health & Wellness book series is a collaboration of 20 co-authors which educates and empowers you to natural health.

The Magazine

Pathways 2 Wellness is our quarterly downloadable magazine and is full of actionable content to help you learn even more ways to create the healthy lifestyle you desire.

Get Active

Media Kit

Are you interested in sharing our community with others?  Using our templates and images, you can bring a healthier lifestyle to your family, friends, and followers in the easiest way possible.
  • 2018 Wellness Fair: 11" x 17" Poster PNG | PDF
  • 2018 Wellness Fair: Rack Card PNG | PDF

Special Offer From Our Sponsor, Authorpreneur Academy

For all the business owners out there who want to write their own book to leverage as a marketing tool, our sponsor has a special offer for you. They're giving a 30% Wellness Fair discount to the first three people who enroll in their new group coaching program.

This 7-week intensive group coaching program will empower you to have your book finished before the Holidays to give as a gift and will be trained on how to use it to build your business and increase your revenue by over 300%.

Only if you're 100% committed to doing the work that it takes to become an Authorpreneur, Apply Now! This will not be offered to the community again.

Health & Wellness Network of Commerce (HWNCC)

The Health & Wellness Network of Commerce Southeast Wisconsin Chapter (HWNCC-SEWI) is an international business organization to promote business practices that encourage integrity, honesty and a high regard for professionalism.

2nd & 4th Tuesday of the Month
6:30pm - 8:30pm
Location and First Event TBA

Become a Member Today! (Special rate for the first 100 members!)

The Monthly Wellness Mixers

The Wellness Mixers are fun monthly gatherings to form deeper relationships while learning actionable wellness tips from two speakers to help you grow.

Starting in 2019, all the Wellness Mixer events will be held the third Thursday of the month in the evening at the same location every time. This is to make it more consistent so we don't have to cancel any more events on you. More details to come!

3rd Saturday Every Month
10:00am - 12:00pm

July Wellness Mixer: CANCELLED

The Speakers Jam

The Speakers Jam highlights 15-20 experts in one evening to wisdom share, build new relationships, and to determine who the five presenters will be at the next Wellness Fair.

Thursday, September 13th
6:30pm - 9:00pm
Country Inn & Suites
1250 S Moorland Rd Brookfield

Event Details || View the Program Archive || Facebook Event || RSVP August 1st

The Wellness Fair

The Wellness Fair is our annual trade fair event where you can meet professional wellness providers, attend mini-seminars, sample different products/services, and more!

Saturday, October 27th, 2018
11:00am - 4:30pm
Waukesha Expo Center
1000 Northview Rd. Waukesha

Event Details || View the Program Archive || Facebook Event || RSVP NOW

Premier Event Sponsor

Become an author in only 7 phone calls!!

Lucas J. Robak | The Wellness Fair Organizer

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