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Hello Dear Friends! Welcome to Summer. I hope you are thoroughly enjoying it.

The July LCWC Newsletter is dedicated to Wellness and how to create and sustain it. Yours truly, Dr. Diane, will talk about cultivating Emotional Wellness.
My dear friend Stephanie Komen, Transformational Business & Branding Coach, and women's health advocate, will introduce us to a new mind set ,"Chronic Wellness". My trusted colleague Rhonda Noordyk, Founder & CEO of the Women's Financil Wellness Center, will discuss how to begin to develop a healthy realtionship with money.

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Emotions: The Cinderella of Wellness
By Dr. Diane Garrison
Psychologist, Women's Empowerment Coach
LCWC Clinic Director

Emotions are an essential part of the complex design of the Human Being. Yet when we talk about holistic wellness, we say Mind-Body-Spirit, as if emotions are not important, or are just a side-kick of Mental Wellness. But they are so much more. They are our guidance system. They provide our life with color and add depth to our experiences. They enable us to connect deeply with others, with our passions, and with our dreams.

We live in a culture that diminishes and trivializes our emotions, labeling them as weak or unnecessary. "Suck it up Sally." "Big girls/boys don't cry". When we face a challenge, we are encouraged to cut our feelings off and go straight into problem-solving. This coping style creates disconnection, not only with our emotions, but with our inner wisdom, our heart and soul. Ultimately it creates disconnection from each other because it impairs our ability to share from vulnerability and tenderness. And we pay a huge price in terms of our mental, spiritual, and physical health. When you cut off one of the 4 limbs of Holistic Health, ugly things can happen: anxiety, depression, headaches/migraines, insomnia, pain from muscle tension, G.I. distress, and a host of autoimmune disorders.

On the opposite end of the continuum are the folks who seem to get lost in their emotions. This can cause much suffering and even impairment in functioning. When you get lost in your emotions, there is also a tendency to react impulsively in ways that can be quite self-defeating and even destructive.

So how do we develop a healthy connection to our emotions?

Accept your emotions as a natural and essential part of you. This shift in mind set can be powerful. Emotions are neither weak nor scary. They are a necessary ingredient of the Divine Design.

Understand that your emotions are information: move toward this, move away from that. They are not truths, not facts. They are subjective and specific to you at this time; what excites me may bore you, what excites me today may bore me in a year.

Emotions are like children. They want your attention, respect, and compassion. In return they will give you information, guidance, and a richness to your experiences.

Emotions express in your body (chest pain, butterflies in the stomach, a clenching jaw). They are not thoughts, though they can be triggered by thoughts and often automatically trigger a slew of negative thoughts (mind garbage best discarded).

You can connect to your emotions through your attention (find the emotional energy in your body), your breath (breath into the emotion), and your compassion and tenderness on the exhale send out this kindness). Treat you feelings with the respect and tenderness you would a hurting loved one. Treat you emotions with mindfulness.

Although these concepts are easy to understand, they are often challenging to implement. Our old stories (i.e. irrational core beliefs) and ingrained ways of coping stick to us lick barnacles on a boat. But with patience, practice, and compassion toward yourself and your growth process, it can be accomplished. Sometimes it requires reaching out for support (it did for me). Always it requires time, effort, and determination. You are always worth the effort. Make friends with your emotions today.

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Choosing Chronic Wellness
By Stephanie Komen
Transformation Business & Brand Coach
Founder of Konnect Koncepts

Choosing Chronic Wellness I have spent much of my life battling a mood disorder. Chronic illness has consumed decades of my life. In my teens, I was diagnosed with severe and crippling Clinical Depression. In 2002, I entered an episode that would change my life and how I live it. For three years, I battled Severe Clinical Depression only to have my diagnosis changed to Severe Treatment Resistant Clinical Depression. It wasn't until I was hospitalized in 2005 at the age of 31 that I finally got my real diagnosis: Bipolar II.

If you have suffered a chronic condition, you know the sense of frustration at getting to the root of what is wrong and the relief that comes with the correct diagnosis. The power to name and understand what is happening to you makes all the difference.

That episode wreaked havoc in my life every day for ten years until I got to a place I considered myself healthy; then another it took another two years until I was stable in my health. What I learned from my experience is that the absence of illness is NOT wellness. Wellness relates to the state of whole being not just the physical body.

Over the years I worked hard to get a handle on my illness. I learned my symptoms, learned to sense their onset, and then learned to put routines in place. These routines kept symptoms at bay and would serve to alert me when I was out of alignment and possibly headed into an episode. It took a lot of work to become and stay healthy. But, healthy was the place where I was waiting for the other shoe to drop, constantly searching for any indication that something was wrong…or about to go wrong. It didn't feel good or sustainable.

Chronic Wellness is the culmination of practices and insights from the work I have done on my own behalf. The fundamental tenet of creating a Chronic Wellness life lies in the deeper truth that the quality of time, attention and care we invest in the body matters and that we cannot create a sustainable contribution in the world without investing in ourselves first. We must give proportionate attention to the physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects of self to make our dreams come true.

The key to Chronic Wellness is shifting from orienting from what's wrong to what's going right in the body. In this new paradigm, we learn to understand the signals and language of the body and to understand the symptoms as signals that we are being asked to invest care to regain balance and alignment. We consciously accept the benefits of the care we give ourselves in all three key areas. Chronic Wellness is a choice, it is a mindset and in choosing to look at what's going right we can begin to navigate wellness and abundance and manage our well-being and our health proactively instead of reactively. We can acknowledge that symptoms can be signals instead of sickness.

Stephanie Komen is a transformational business and branding coach, facilitator, health advocate, speaker and writer who is passionate about changing the way we relate to work and success by helping clients focus on harmony and balance in life and business. She is a tireless advocate for women's health and mental health causes. You can reach here at:

Shifting Your Paradigm about Money Begin with Awareness
By Rhonda Noordyk, CFEI
Speaker | Financial Coach | Financial Educator

Founder & CEO of The Women's Financial Wellness Center

We all experience a variety of emotions and feelings when bring up the topic of money and money management. Anxiety, fear, despair, excitement, happiness, and contentment can all be part of an emotional equation. Keeping your emotions in check when money is (or isn't) in your bank account can be a challenging process. We worry for our futures and our immediate needs. Balancing your emotional checking account and your financial one are equally important.

Our spending habits typically mirror our emotional state and projections of self-worth, and thus money becomes a stand-in for how we're feeling, helping us express those feelings. We tend to spend more when we are sad. Research has found that negative emotions hit us with an intensity that's two-and-a-half times as strong as positive emotions because they are signaling a disturbance you should tend to," says Maggie Baker, Ph.D., author of Crazy About Money: How Emotions Confuse Our Money Choices and What to Do.

After a financial and emotional catastrophe, whether due to divorce, medical woes or an unexpected need for a large purchase, it can feel like you will never get on your feet again. Money has tremendous power over us as individuals, and being in too much debt can cause strong physical, mental and emotional responses.

Many will argue that the decisions they have made or the way they handle their finances is based on logic. But when we peel back the onion, a layer of logic is most often missing with emotions reigning king. Adjusting your perspective or simply becoming aware of any negative thought patterns and limiting belief systems can move you forward in changing the way you both manage and perceive money.

Here is an exercise that might be helpful to you:

  • Grab a blank sheet of paper.
  • Draw out your family tree.
  • Go through your lineage to determine the following: Occupation? Saver? Spender? Attitudes around money?
It is fascinating to see how this simple exercise can provide clarity to the financial patterns that may be passed down from generation-to-generation.

Quote: Money is only a tool. It will take you wherever you wish, but it will not replace you as the driver. --Ayn Rand

Rhonda Noordyk is a heart-centered business owner with a passion for empowering women going through divorce. As the Founder &CEO of The Women Financial Wellness Center, she has developed a proven system for helping women go from financial self-sabotage to financial self-confidence. You can find her on line at:

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* Connect with you Intuition, your Inner Wisdom to gain clarity about your growth needs and pathway to empowerment.

* Connect with your True Self in affirming and compassionate ways, accessing your Feminine Strengths.

* Learn the necessity and value of Inner Self-Care

* Tap into the power of group support and engage in rich "conversations that matter" with other Brilliant Women.

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You are a busy woman doing wonderful things each day.

Yet do you feel a sense of dissatisfaction in your life?

Something is missing...You yearn for a sense of fulfillment and connection.

It's not your fault. You are not alone.

It's a challenging time to be a woman as we navigate our new freedoms in the work world with all our old responsibilities in the home. We internalize society's old expectations for us as caretakers and find it hard to prioritize our own self-care and yearning for fulfillment. Then we burnout...

There is a better way. There are powerful tools for connecting to yourself, your intuition, and others in deeply satisfying ways. These Feminine Power Practices will allow you to:

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* Tap into the power of group support and engage in rich "conversations that matter" with other Brilliant Women.

Join Dr. Diane Garrison for this exploration of a powerful workshop series designed to assist you to move from Functional to Fabulous. Learn what you can gain, as well as how the group will be structured (time commitment, cost, expectations). Come share where you feel most stuck and what you long to create in your life with a group of like-minded sisters.
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