How does your garden grow?

The Spiritual Meaning of Plants


Hi The Healing Community,

Well, we are definitely in Summer in the Northern Hemisphere!
I am reminded of: Mary, Mary, quite contrary, how does your garden grow?


My good friend, artist and founder of the Moon Mothers of Half Moon Bay, Tamara Trejo, opens Pardini's Nursery in Pillar Point Harbor, just down the hill from where I live. In fact, opening day is tomorrow.
I have been so lucky to help her these past two months - I learned how to propagate with hundreds of plants from the late Mr. Pardini's heirloom stock, preparing new life from the old. So WOW!!!
It brought me a love of plants, flowers, and dirt that I had not felt for a long time!
Property Clearing has made a significant difference in revitalizing the energy and new vitality to the plants. (So, if you are having any issues that won't clear up with your home, yard, or garden - a Property Clearing will really help you out!)
If you are in the Bay Area or planning a visit to Half Moon Bay, come and discover new this emerging space where the love of plants and gardening combines with classes and workshops that enlighten through intuition and artistic expression.
I am very excited to offer classes here, and will send out a schedule next week
Here is some research on the spiritual energy of the plants that have touched my heart at this nursery.
Perhaps you have some of these same plants living with you. And if not, come and get some ; )

Bay Tree – Protection & Achievement
Bonzai Trees – Strength, Intuition, and Wisdom
Geranium – Coming Together, Community – Crown Chakra
Hibiscus – Expressing Joy and Happiness - Sacral (2nd) and Heart (4th) Chakras
Hydrangea – Creating Your Destiny – 3rd Eye (6th) Chakra
Fig – Fulfillment of Dreams
Fuchsia – Overflowing Abundance; Intoxicating Beauty; Crown (7th Chakra)
Lemon tree – Cleansing, Freshness and Healing
Lavender – Feminine Refinement, Grace, and Elegance
Jasmine – Elegance - Comfort of the Soul
Passion Flower – Passion – Combining - Crown (7th) and Sacral (2nd) Chakras
Plum Tree – Sweet Anticipation of Awaited Promises and Rewards
Rose – Everlasting Beauty and Love
Spider Plant – Protector of the Home.
Succulents – Enduring and Timeless Love

Have a marvelous weekend! And if you are in the Half Moon Bay area, come see me at the nursery!

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