Summer Solstice Transformation

Visualize the World You Want to Live In!

Hi The Healing Community,

This has been quite a year so far! Today we mark the shift into Summer - the longest day of light is here, and now is a great time to shine your own light into your world.

Tomorrow morning at 7 AM Pacific time please join the worldwide meditation to bring love to the U.S. southern border with Mexico, to reunite children and parents who have been ripped apart by the opposite of love - which is not hate - it is fear. I am doing clearing and shielding for this region with some help from friends.

Here is a video for your own personal peaceful meditation. Low tide at the tide pools down the hill from my house - watch, listen, breath. Then close your eyes for a few minutes and just listen. The sound of the water always brings me peace, which I can then share with everyone in my day.

I will be in touch again, soon ; )



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