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                        YOUR FIRST STEP TO FULL POWER
Did you know that research shows that women are less happy now than they were 50 years ago?

You are a busy woman doing wonderful things each day.

You have a good job, a comfortable home, perhaps a loving partner, family, and circle of friends. 

Yet…you feel a sense of dissatisfaction in your life.

You may practice yoga, meditate, and do other Holistic health practices.

You have read the books, watch what you eat, and get good exercise.

You have already done important self-work.

Still…you yearn for a sense of fulfillment and connection.

It's not your fault.  You are not alone.

With the rise of women into education, careers, financial independence, and leadership, we have inherited the masculine way of navigating in the world.  

We are over relying on our
Mental Strengths and THEY ARE NOT ENOUGH!

It is not the most powerful way for women to gain access to all their gifts and strengths.

It is not enough to create deep connection to self and others.

To become
Full Power, we need to learn new tools of connection and balance to fully access and align with our Masculine, Feminine, and Spiritual energies.

This Workshop is Your First Step to Claiming Your Full Power!

Join me in this introductory 2.5 hour Workshop, where you will be guided through a series of Feminine Power Practices that will allow you to:

* Connect with you Intuition, your Inner Wisdom to gain clarity about your growth needs and pathway to empowerment.

* Connect with your True Self in affirming and compassionate ways, accessing your Feminine Strengths.

* Learn the necessity and value of Inner Self-Care

* Tap into the power of group support and engage in rich "conversations that matter" with other Brilliant Women.

When:   Sunday, June 24th, From 1 to 3:30 p.m.

Where:   Lake Country Wellness & Counseling
               1177 Quail Court, Suite 203, Pewaukee, WI.

Cost:   $25

Register:  at  Your First Step to Full Power

 Hi, I'm Diane Garrison, Ph.D., "Dr. Diane", your   workshop leader. After 25 years in a more traditional   psychological practice, I am now on mission to   assist women to become Full Power.  For the past 3   years I have learned, practiced, and now share this   Feminine Power Transformational Process.  It has   changed my life.  I have moved beyond my   perfectionism to a loving and compassionate   relationship with myself.  I can more easily access   my Intuition and Inner Wisdom and I trust my connection with the Divine.  No longer the "lone wolf" trying to figure everything out on my own, I am able to ask for and lovingly receive the support and guidance of others. It would be my great honor and joy to introduce you to this powerful process of more deeply connecting to yourself, your Inner Wisdom, and others.  We all deserve to be Full Power!
Please feel free to share this information with the Brilliant Women in your Life!     
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